The Whatever Show
04 October 2003

HOST: It's been three years since we heard from you guys and now you're back with a new album and a new song, a new sound. Tell us about that.

TAYLOR: Well, I think we're just excited about putting out a new record. I don't know how much of it is a new sound. You're always just kind of changing.

ISAAC: It's kind of an evolving sound.

TAYLOR: So, I guess we're just excited to be here.

HOST: What inspired you to go the acoustic route?

ZAC: I think we wanted to find a different way to introduce people to this new record. The new record comes out in February and we wanted to get out and give some music to people. And that's why we decided to do this, just a different way to get people into the new music.

HOST: How does it feel to be back on stage performing new songs?

TAYLOR: It feels great; I mean honestly, it's funny. It's like when you're working in the studio you want to be on stage and when you're on the stage you want to be in the studio. But right now I think this is exactly where we want to be, playing these shows and seeing these fans is like nothing else.

HOST: How are your fans responding to your new music?

ISAAC: It's just been really, really cool to take this music and put it in such an intimate setting and get, give people the opportunity to really, really feel the energy that much more intimate than they have before, and it's fun.

HOST: You guys recently left your record label. Why did you do this, and are you currently looking for another one?

ZAC: We left our record label, really just because we felt that there wasn't the same excitement about the new record as we had for it. And that there were other people out there that would be excited and are excited that we are working with now. We have formed our own record label, and it will be put out on our record label we have called 3CG Records.

HOST: How does it feel to be out on your own and doing your own thing?

TAYLOR: Yeah, it's funny cos saying you've become your own record label because it makes it sound like you're becoming more involved with the corporate side, even though you're taking on all these new aspects. And you're sort of in control in a different way. For us it was getting away from that and being able to, like I said, get back to a closer relationship with the fans and an ability to give them music and have the ability to let then hear it.

ISAAC: A perfect example of that is this acoustic music that were putting out, we did an acoustic EP for this tour. And you know in any other situation we wouldn't have really never had the opportunity to do that, not only the way that we did it, but it just wouldn't have made sense. You would have had to argue with people, "Ah, this is why we got to do this." But now because of the that, because to the of the change, because of us taking, on ourselves to release things we're able to release this acoustic record, we were able to be that much closer to the audience. And give them music that they have been asking for a very long time.