London Paper
20 April 2007

HOST: Kings of Leon ripped off. How do you feel about that?

TAYLOR: They ripped us off?

HOST: Well, your whole “brothers in a band” thing?

ZAC: Yeah, well, we ripped off a bunch of greats before ourselves, so…

TAYLOR: But hey, if Kings of Leon ripped us off, we’ll just have to live with it.

ISAAC: They also have the long-hair thing going on too. They just have a lot more facial hair. We have the curse of being Danish in origin. So this [covers chin], this is about all I can grow right here. I don’t know.

TAYLOR: We can’t really patent the brother thing, unfortunately. We’re probably not the first.

ISAAC: Beach Boys.

ZAC: Damn mother nature!

HOST: Was there trouble for a while after two of you got married?

TAYLOR: You mean with girl fans? You know, honestly…

ZAC: I’m married also.

TAYLOR: Yeah, we’re all married. Actually, it didn’t change it, which is interesting. Ultimately, the fans are really hardcore music fans, and so obviously there’s the rock & roll dynamic, the sex appeal of guys and girls and rock & roll. Right after I got married there was a lot of that banter about it, but I’m still on stage singing to you, we were never going to be with every girl in the audience, that was never going to happen. So that doesn’t really change.

ISAAC: We could try, but it just wouldn’t happen.

ZAC: It’s not possible, even with modern medical advances.

TAYLOR: It couldn’t happen. So, it’s rock & roll. The connection you have with your fans and making music is unique.

ISAAC: The really funny one that was the other night, I was playing this song and then this girl yells out, “Isaac! I want to have your babies!” I just had a kid two weeks ago. And there was this moment of laughing to myself going, “That’s funny. That’s funny.”

HOST: How is being a father?

ISAAC: Unfortunately, up to this day I have only had nine days actual experience. But it’s cool. It’s very cool.

ZAC: It sounds like he’s talking about work experience or something.

ISAAC: Yeah. *laughs*

ZAC: "Well, I’ve only been on the job nine days.”

ISAAC: I’ve only been on the job nine days, yeah. My wife wasn’t particularly happy that I had to leave, but… that was just one of those things.

HOST: It’s unusual though, for guys in rock bands to settle down so young. Taylor, you’ve got three children, I mean, how does that happen?

TAYLOR: I don’t know, I think I just did a few too many drugs. Well, what happens is when a man and a woman come together... um, no…

ISAAC: The birds and the bees.

TAYLOR: Honestly I cannot advise anybody else to follow my schedule, or for that matter, ours. We’ve always done stuff in our own time. Most of my peers, I would beg them not to have children because… “Guys, you can’t do it. It’s not good.” We’re just at a different place and I think we just decided when we got married that we figured we’d have our kids while we had the energy to do it. It’s crazy.

ZAC: We started early and we got married young because that’s just kind of the time schedule we’ve been on. I don’t know. Who starts a band when they’re 6? Who says, “Oh, let’s go play gigs! Let’s go make records!”

ISAAC: That weirdo [points to Zac].

TAYLOR: People that are insane.