Mike & Juliet Show
24 July 2007

MIKE: No less than Bono himself of U2 proclaimed--


MIKE: ...said of our next guests, "I admire them...

JULIET: "They’re an amazing band. ‘MMMBop' is one of my favorite songs of all times!" (in accent). I don't know if that's very Irish/Bono-ish.

MIKE: You know, it's been ten years, three weddings, and a whole lot of kids, but these brothers are still making great harmony.

JULIET: Yep. In just a moment they are going to perform from their brand new album, The Walk. Please welcome Hanson!

MIKE: Hey Hanson!

JULIET: So, welcome! We love you guys! We've interviewed you guys a couple times on our old show and I have to say, probably the best live performers I think I've ever seen.

ISAAC: Oh, thanks!

JULIET: Yeah, so don't screw up today. So you're all married now, you just got married...

ZAC: Yeah, I’m married. These guys both have kids, Isaac has one and Taylor has three.

JULIET: So when's the...?

ZAC: Eh... no... it'll come in due time!

MIKE: Are you all still living close by each other?

TAYLOR: I mean, being in a band, running a business together, you got to be in a certain proximity.

JULIET: Okay, what song are we hearing today?

TAYLOR: A song called "Great Divide."

MIKE: Let's do it!

JULIET: Hanson!

*Hanson performs "Great Divide" electric*