The Saturday Early Show
New York City
08 September 2007

CHRIS, HOST: Well, ten years ago three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma mmmbopped their way to international stardom as Hanson. They were huge. Their hit single topped the music charts and earned them two Grammy awards. The brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are now grown up; their maturity and sophistication more evident than ever on their new album The Walk. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson—welcome guys to the Second Cup Café.

TAYLOR: Thanks for having us.

CHRIS: Taylor, I’ll talk to you real quickly. With the superstardom, you guys, it hit you at a young age and here you are, now you’ve got your own record label, you guys have been doing so much the past ten years. What was it like, was it hard to process back then? Do you still remember?

TAYLOR: well, we were always doing what we wanted to do. We were always making music, writing songs, lucky that we get to have fans ten years later.

CHRIS: Nice to kind of see, I guess, all three of you evolved, the music evolved…

TAYLOR: Of course. It was always music we were writing, it was our passion, so it was never like, “Well, what are we going to be doing in ten years?” This is what we planned to be doing.

CHRIS: Now, like I mentioned, you’ve got your own record label. This is yet another album that you guys have. You got a trip to Africa, tell me a little about the trip to Africa.

TAYLOR: W ell, the tour actually is pretty exciting. One of the things with this record is we recorded a little bit with a song called “Great Divide,” which we’re going to play, in Africa and it’s really inspired us to sort of give our fans ways to do things and to take action and focus on poverty and AIDS in Africa. And actually one of the things is, there’s a shoe company called Toms shoes and we’re inviting people to buy a pair of shoes that goes to a child in Africa and encouraging people to just look at what they can do.

CHRIS: Well, everybody at home is like, “Stop talking, Chris! Let them play! So guys, Hanson, take it away! The floor is yours!”