Access Hollywood
06 August 2003

NANCY O'DELL: Well, six years ago it was all about "MMMBop." The song had a ring to it and three young brothers belted it out, so back in 1997 Hanson was a hit. What ever happened to the brothers? Well, they lost their record deal and six years later there's marriage, a baby, and now, more music. It's Hanson, all grown up.

TAYLOR: Who we are now is a lot different than we were when we made our first record.

NANCY: That is an understatement. When we first met Tulsa's Hanson brothers in 1997, Taylor was 13, Isaac 16, and Zac just 11.

TAYLOR: "Mainly we love to sing and write songs and that's what we're always going to want to do."

NANCY: Back in 97, Hanson was huge; they were the princes of the teen scream-set, which rushed out to buy their debut disc, Middle of Nowhere, featuring the single "MMMBop." Yep, that's the one you couldn't get out of your head. It went to #1 in 27 countries.

ZAC: I don't think anyone can expect the response we got from that. You never expect to be that successful, especially just right off.


NANCY: Six years later they're all grown up. Zac has a girlfriend and 20-year-old Taylor is married with a son, eight months old.

TAYLOR: It just adds to your life. It's like your life got that much more rich and amazing, I mean, it really is. I'm a seriously lucky guy. So, I'm just happy…

ISAAC: I as an uncle feel really you know, cool because here I am, I can like, play with this little guy Ezra and throw him around everywhere and have no responsibility. It's kind of almost like having another sibling but not because I can give my brother crap about it.


NANCY: Now, even though their personal lives are progressing, these three still call Tulsa home. And professionally, things are on the move again. Despite being dropped by their record label, the boys are determined not to give up. They begin an acoustic tour on Saturday, the same day a new acoustic disc becomes available on their website. And, next spring they are set to release a new studio album. So, those eager to dismiss Hanson as relics of bubblegum pop, hear this:

ZAC: We just hope that you hear us on the radio or somewhere and say, "Hey, maybe I should check out that Hanson record."