Living It Up With Ali & Jack
New York, New York
03 November 2003

ALI: …it's called Underneath, coming out soon, please welcome Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson.

JACK: So do you guys get tired of people saying, "oh, you're all grown up now!"

ISAAC: Ah… no, I don't know, it's just one of those things.

ZAC: If it's a compliment I guess you can't get tired of it.

ALI: Well, for us older ladies it is a compliment when we tell you you're all grown up.

JACK: Exactly.

TAYLOR: Why did you change out of your pajamas?

ALI: I know, I really wanted to keep them on!

TAYLOR: I really liked that look. It was very nice.

ALI: You're married, aren't you?

TAYLOR: Yeah, I just thought it was… we almost came out in our boxers.

ALI: Oh, you should have come out in your boxers!

ISAAC: If we would have known it was a pajama show, we would have just like, just showed up.

JACK: Hot chocolate and her jammies, she was happy.

ALI: You know, next time tell me in the morning that you're going to be wearing your boxers. Now congratulations to you, you have a baby!

TAYLOR: To you too! Yeah, I do!

ALI: I know you do!

JACK: How old is the baby now?

TAYLOR: On the 31st he turned a year old. And you…?

ALI: Thirteen months.


ALI: And you have a boy?


ALI: And I have a girl. And I want her to marry a Hanson, so huh-huh-huh!

TAYLOR: Well we should just have them hook up! We'll bring them at the pajama party next time.

ALI: We'll write out a contract marriage.

ISAAC: I heard that it was a pumpkin?

TAYLOR: And mine was also a pumpkin. Where did you get the pumpkin outfit though?

ALI: I made it.

TAYLOR: You did, really?

ALI: I did!

TAYLOR: Wow. You are a hardcore mom.

ALI: I am a hardcore mom! Yes I am, thank you very much.

JACK: You guys talked about growing up. Remind us, how old were you guys when you had your first big album?

TAYLOR: The first album came out six years ago and Zac would have been 11. So I mean, that's the youngest, 11 to 16.

ISAAC: And now you're 18 now, so it's been a few years.

TAYLOR: Three years since the last album, six years since the first. So yeah, we're old veterans.

ALI: Do you guys have a crazy fan story?

TAYLOR: We've got a lot of crazy fan stories! There's one, we were talking about this before the show. The last time we were in Brazil, you know you go and do radio appearances and in stores and things like that, and we were pulling into a big parking garage where one of these big performances was set up, you know, it's just supposed to be like walk in with acoustic guitars.

ISAAC: Pull in the back way.

TAYLOR: Pull in the back way, and…

ZAC: They'd lock it all up to keep people out.

TAYLOR: They'd seal it up, so as we pulled in there all the sudden all these girls jumped out from underneath the cars and we realized that they'd slept underneath the cars the night before, before they'd closed it off so they could be there waiting.

ISAAC: So there are dozens and dozens of people coming out from underneath the cars.

TAYLOR: So all of the sudden, these people start---

ISAAC: So all the girls are coming out and I'm like, "ooh, wow, lovely perfume. Gasoline!" There's nothing like oil and gasoline.

ALI: Wow, well that must have been a little scary, that's like a zombie movie or something.

TAYLOR: Within the spectrum of being in Brazil, which is like, everything, the energy is just different.

JACK: I remember having you guys on The Today Show years ago when I was doing The Today Show on the weekends and we had people who had camped out literally days in advance. Remember that? We were doing the concert outside and they showed up days in advance, people were in their sleeping bags.

TAYLOR: Well that's what's been so amazing about this whole tour is the new album comes out in the spring but what we've been doing right now is playing acoustic shows to kind of start things off, Carnegie Hall on Wednesday is the last show.

ALI: Yes, tell us about Carnegie Hall, that's a big deal.

TAYLOR: But just the fans, the response of the fans and how they've really… it's been six years since our first album and that whole time you know, the fans that were first into it have gone forward with us.

ISAAC: And now we're going to Carnegie Hall!

TAYLOR: Well, it's just amazing to go and have somebody that was 16 or whatever be 22 and say, yeah, "I camped out last night to come to the show to get in the front row" or whatever and that they've really gone forward with us.

ALI: Are you guys excited about Carnegie Hall? That's a really big deal.

TAYLOR: It's a huge deal, yeah.

ALI: For a musician it's, you know…

TAYLOR: It's a legendary place.

ZAC: As far as venues go, it's one of the most famous venues and greatest venues in the country and it's just a great place to be.

TAYLOR: Amazing acoustic venue, too.

JACK: Did you ever think six years ago when you had the first album that you were going to end up playing in Carnegie Hall?

TAYLOR: You know what, you only hope for stuff like that. I mean, we've played a lot of legendary places, I mean, the Hollywood Bowl in LA, which is, you know, a legendary place. I mean, there are so many great, legendary venues to play and that is going to kind of be the absolute pinnacle of what the acoustic tour has been and it's going to be amazing.

JACK: Of course, one of the great venues to play in is right here, with Ali and Jack.

ZAC: Yes!

TAYLOR: Oh my god, yeah!

JACK: When we come back, gonna take a quick break. When we come back, Hanson will perform that acoustic version of their very new single, "Penny & Me." The guys'll be back.