BBC Radio Scotland (Fred MacAulay Show)
Glasgow, Scotland
22 October 2003

FRED: We all started moving there. That's Hanson, with a huge hit a few years ago with "MMMBop," but as you all know, the lads have all grown up...

JACKIE: Big boys now.

FRED: ...and come back with an acoustic album. Joining Jackie, James, and I now are Hanson, aka Zac, Taylor, and Isaac. Good morning, guys!

ALL: Good morning chaps!

FRED: How are ya?

ISAAC: We're very good!

TAYLOR: I really like the version of our song that you were playing earlier, that Celtic song. You were saying that was the Celtic Tenors but that was us?

FRED: That was you!

JACKIE: That was you! I'm impressed!

FRED: The wild red rovers, by Hanson. Hanson singing the wild rover. Can I ask first of all, about your new album? Let's talk about this. And then we'll get to whether or not you'd like to drink whiskey or not.

TAYLOR: Well, we know the answer to that!

FRED: Well let's move the album aside then, let's get straight to the drinks! Which of you has tried the water of life?

ISAAC: Well actually, the question is, how drunk did you get on the whiskey? (Scottish accent)

JACKIE: Oooh, not a bad attempt at a Scottish accent!

ISAAC: I can to better than that!

FRED: That's not bad!

JACKIE: Roll your R's for me!

FRED: I'll you, we had Donny Osmond in the studio and he tried a Scottish accent and yours is by far, by far the better of the two!

ISAAC: Well, all I have to say is, if it's not Scottish it's crap! (laughs)

FRED: So, how long did you live in Livingston?

ZAC: We recorded our first two albums with a Scotsman, so…

FRED: Ah, Stephen Lironi, wasn't it?

ALL: Yes, yes.

FRED: Husband of Clare Grogan, no?

ALL: Yes, yes!

FRED: There you are!

ZAC: You know your stuff!

FRED: It's a small world. Well, I know my facts about Clare Grogan! You can pack her under your arm and run around the room. She's a wee girl. A bonnie wee girl. So, you drunk a lot of whiskey and you've suffered the consequences, although, my old mom used to tell me you know, if you can get whiskey down you, it'll stay down.

JAMES: Now you guys must all have fake IDs.

ISAAC: Ah no, actually, I'm 22, almost 23.

JAMES: Ah, so you buy it for the other guys?

ISAAC: Ah no, no, no…

ZAC: I'm just going to say one thing: we're fucking rock stars.

FRED: Can I just say, if that happens again-

JACKIE: You'll get your hand smacked!

FRED: I'll put you across my knee!

ZAC: That's a funny joke of ours that a friend of ours used to say.

FRED: It may be when you're not in Scotland at half past 9 in the morning, boys.

TAYLOR: Well, you guys, there's a hint of sarcasm.

JACKIE: Oh right, I see, was that the seventeen year old who just said that?

ZAC: That would be me.

JACKIE: That would be you. Yep. Thought as much.

FRED: You're blushing. All right, we'll move off that and we'll talk about the album now. It's an acoustic album, it's called Underneath. How long did it take you to put this record to bed?

TAYLOR: Well, there's really two things that are going on right now. What we're doing right now with the acoustic CD -- the acoustic record is sort of a special release. In the spring sort of the full album comes out, the full electric record. It's really the third studio album we've released. But the acoustic record is really kind of an effort to sort of do something special for the fans and kind of start this thing off just in a unique way. I mean, we've always you know, sort of--the core of this band has always been you know, singer/songwriter guys sitting around with guitars and writing, so we decided sort of the first thing we wanted to do to bring the music to people was to do an acoustic tour, which we're sort of just about to finish up and then along with that we've got this acoustic EP. It's eight tunes.

FRED: That's a big EP. I mean, some people would put that out as a full CD, wouldn't they?

TAYLOR: Yeah, actually a lot of times ten songs will be a full album, but you know, we just thought this would be a really cool way to sort of usher in people to the new music and it's something that's only available at our site,, and then at the shows. It's kind of a fan related release. It's an effort to kind of give the fans something special.

FRED: And you say it's what you guys to best, you sit around with guitars and can you give us a track from the EP? Can you sing us something? Can you please do that for us then?

TAYLOR: Yeah, we're going to play a little piece of it, yeah. This is a song called "Penny & Me."

FRED: Okay.

TAYLOR: Here we go.


FRED: Very good lads, thank you very much for that, that was lovely.

TAYLOR: Yeah, thanks very much.

FRED: "Penny & Me." Rod Stewart's favorite song, I would imagine. Did I see one of you in a US sitcom just the other night? Was it Sabrina The Teenage Witch or something?

ISAAC: Yeah, that's right. That was me.

TAYLOR: That must be a really successful show because-

FRED: It's huge.

TAYLOR: A ton of other people have been like, "oh, I saw you on that show the other night!"

JACKIE: When you say it was "me," which one is "me" ?

TAYLOR: Oh sorry, that's Isaac.

ISAAC: Me is Isaac.

FRED: Oh, okay. Like your close harmonies by the way.

FRED: That's what you do best, lads. And thank you very much for coming in this morning.

ISAAC: All right, thank you.

FRED: Take care of yourselves. All right, Isaac, Zac, and Taylor. The Hanson boys. None of them sound like the -- though, do they?

JACKIE: That's where they get the Scottish accents!

JAMES: Thank goodness for that! The Rolling Stone said, "like a blonde, three-headed hydra, Hanson loom over the competition," and that's different.

FRED: Ohh, from The Rolling Stone.