E! News Live
Los Angeles, California
29 August 2003

MALE HOST: All right, that was then and this is now. Pop rockers Hanson are back on the scene and touring with an acoustic set to show off their new material.

FEMALE HOST: And their new album, Underneath, is not due out until February, guys, we got to wait that long?! But here with us now, live, we're very excited to have Isaac, Zac, and Taylor. Hanson's. Nice to see the guys.

MALE HOST: Where have you guys been?

ISAAC: Well, we've been touring around the country for the past month or so doing the acoustic stuff and we've also got an acoustic CD we've released for the acoustic tour and obviously the new record Underneath coming out in February, so we've been doing a lot of stuff lately, and of course, last three years, been making this record, Underneath.

FEMALE HOST: And in very intimate venues, I understand.

ISAAC: Yeah, we're playing intimate venues for this acoustic thing because, you know, it seems very appropriate that we give the audience that much more of an intimate experience when you're just playing acoustic guitar.

FEMALE HOST: You know, I know something about you that maybe not all your fans know, and that is that you were home schooled. You guys are known as the guys who actually write and sing and play. Do you think the home schooling helped? Did your parents teach you music?

ISAAC: Well we-well, my folks were always-well, our folks…

TAYLOR: It was more like road school.

FEMALE HOST: Road school!

TAYLOR: It was more like just us doing our thing and wow, we're going to make music, so hey, I guess we'll just do school as we go.

MALE HOST: Do they give you more time to do music?

ZAC: I think it was a more spoiled environment to being creative and pursuing your interests in a complete way.

MALE HOST: I tell you, I went to school, the regular way, and I didn't learn nothing!

FEMALE HOST: And Taylor, now that you're a dad, does that change, impact your artistry in any way?

TAYLOR: Well yeah, of course it does. Cos it's a whole new influence, a whole new inspiration, so yeah.

MALE HOST: Well, speaking of inspirations, we're going to let you guys sing.

FEMALE HOST: Enough talking.

MALE HOST: This is something from Underneath, which will be coming out in February, right?

ISAAC: Yeah, that's right.

MALE HOST: All right, get to it. We're going to get out of the way.


MALE HOST: Excellent! Well-done guys! I see one little problem, though. You guys are so good you're going to make other people want to do this!

ISAAC: Well, that's the idea!

MALE HOST: Well, it's good for you guys.

FEMALE HOST: And tell us about Underneath in a nutshell.

TAYLOR: Tell us about the music? It's just, you know, the next progression; it's the next step. You continue to push yourself and do stuff differently and it comes out obviously early next year. This is sort of what we're doing right now, the acoustic tour.

ISAAC: I think there's sort of some intimate elements, some vulnerability about a lot of the music on the record that really has not been accentuated on past records, and I think we really tried to, like Tay said, do something different with every record and this is just the next step.

FEMALE HOST: Do you find as you guys are maturing as artists that your fan base is changing as well?

ISAAC: Well, I think what's been really, really cool about going on and doing these acoustic shows is you see a lot of similar faces, a lot of familiar faces, and that's really, really cool because you're taking your audience with you, and I think that's a really great thing to be relevant to your audience and as they grow through their life--

FEMALE HOST: When you say similar, you don't mean following you on the bus or anything?

ZAC: Well, that does happen, but I think you hope that your audience grows with you and that you can take the fans you started out with and take them with you as you change and grow with your career.

MALE HOST: Those are the people that are happiest that you are back. As well as we are.

ISAAC: Yes, yes.

MALE HOST: Guys, thanks for joining us. All right, we'll be right back!