Hot 99.5
Washington, DC
17 October 2003

MARK: This is the moment that we've been waiting for, right ladies?

"LADIES": Oh yes!

MARK: Oh yeah. Who came from West Virginia? These girls came from West Virginia just to see these three guys that are with us right now. Give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for Hanson!

ISAAC: Hello, people!

TAYLOR: You must have some crazy, crazy brew to be able to talk as fast as you do this time in the morning. What, do they give you drugs when you wake up?

MARK: Just a lot of caffeine! How's it going guys? You guys look great!

TAYLOR: It's going great!

MARK: You guys are a lot older than we pictured you. We talked about you, you know.

KRIS: I know!

MARK: Cos you picture Hanson, you picture guys that are like, four feet tall.

TAYLOR: Yeah, well, when we first came out-four feet tall? That's…

ZAC: When I think of Hanson, I think of midgets.

ISAAC: Actually, I hate to break it to you, but I think I was probably always taller than you.

MARK: Really, were you?

KRIS: Aww yeah!

ISAAC: Yeah, when I was 16-I've only grown an inch since I was about 16, so…

MARK: How tall are you?

TAYLOR: So he was a freak then.

ISAAC: I'm only 5'11; I'm not real big.

MARK: I'm not a real tall guy. Tay, on the other hand…

ZAC: Really what he's saying is… neither are you.

TAYLOR: Oooh, he's trying to take you down! Well, when we first…

ISAAC: I was just trying to say, I was never four feet tall.

ZAC: He's calling you out! Let's take it outside, dude!

TAYLOR: Yep. Well, when the first record came out um, that was six years ago, so yeah, I mean obviously…

MARK: What, 95? 96?


MARK: 97? The first record came out in 97?

ISAAC: Yes, sir.

MARK: Wow.

KRIS: I called that one last night with my boyfriend!

TAYLOR: She's winning a bet right now. She just got a free dinner.

MARK: Now what have you guys been doing lately? Now you got Carnegie Hall coming up cos you got a single coming out, right?

TAYLOR: Yeah, well, the full record, or the new record comes out in the spring, early spring next year, called Underneath. So the first thing we decided to do to kind of start the process off was to do an acoustic tour, and it's just been such an amazing thing to be able to just go out there and see fans and then, you know, play kind of a different kind of a show. It's really broken down, it's just you know, a couple guitars, a piano…

ISAAC: A little bit of drums here and there.

TAYLOR: A little bit of drums…

MARK: So you all have something to do.

TAYLOR: Yeah, exactly. Seeing the devoted fans and just being able to let people hear music and also the acoustic CD along with the acoustic tour.

ISAAC: The acoustic EP.

TAYLOR: The acoustic EP, yep. There's just-it's about eight songs from the upcoming record performed acoustically and it's kind of a sneak peak.

MARK: Which one of you guys is married?

TAYLOR: Uh that's me.

ISAAC: Taylor is.

MARK: Congratulations!

TAYLOR: Thank you very much, yeah.

KRIS: Wow, and you have a baby, too, oh my goodness.


MARK: Notice the ladies don't cheer…

KRIS: Yeah, they're like, "oh yeah, that's great…"

ISAAC: But that's okay, just more for the big bro!

KRIS: Okay, yeah! (cheers)

TAYLOR: Okay, it's too early for that!

KRIS: Share the wealth.

MARK: Now you guys can hang out for a second, we do have your new single.

ZAC: This is, yes. One of the songs off the acoustic record.

MARK: Which one are we going to play here in just a second?

ISAAC: it's a song called "Penny & Me." it'll obviously be the acoustic version from this acoustic EP, but it's a song called "Penny & Me."

MARK: Now this is kind of a funny story, because you know, musicians have a lot of handlers. They have a lot of posse. They've got like, the bouncers and the managers-

KRIS: The entourage…

ISAAC: I'm confused, which one…?

MARK: There's always like the record rep, too. And the record rep carries around the CDs.

KRIS: Right. To hand out to DJs to play.

ISAAC: No, no, no, no. But here's the worst part. He is an employee of ours. You see, because we're 3CG Records.

ZAC: No, that's something they may not know. We're releasing this record-

MARK: On your own label?

ZAC: We've started our own label.

KRIS: Oh cool!

ZAC: So, not only is he-our radio rep not here for the band, he's not here for the CEO's of the company.

MARK: Yeah, he's lost down in southeast, right around *** Stadium.

ISAAC: And it's okay, he's listening right now. He's totally humiliated.

MARK: Well luckily, and this is kind of cool, one of your fans who came to see-who had the CD? Who's CD was it? Come on over here to Kris's microphone. We said, "we don't know if we have the CD, we don't know if…"

TAYLOR: They're trying to burn stuff off of the computer…

MARK: Yeah, one of the girls who was in here said, "oh, I have a copy of it right here!" What's your name?

AMY: My name's Amy.

MARK: Amy, say hello to Hanson.

AMY: Hi Hanson!

TAYLOR: Amy, you're hired!

AMY: Yeah, right? I would love to work for you!

ZAC: But you have to work for free!

AMY: Oh, I don't mind that at all!

MARK: Amy, where did you get your Hanson single, by the way?

AMY: I got it from their website.

MARK: You got it from their website?

ZAC: You want to give us a plug?

AMY: Yes!, if you join, it's a yearly membership and you get a lot of really cool things.

MARK: Hey, bravo! Check it out, We got all three of them here; we got Taylor, Zac, and Isaac. They're hanging out. They're talking about their new single-their show at The Birchmere tonight, right?


MARK: Is all sold out?

ISAAC: Yes it is. It is sold out. Soooold out! It's the only place you can get tickets, right here on the radio!

KRIS: You've done this before!

MARK: That's right, Hot 99.5! We do have some tickets that we'll give away if you'd like to ask Hanson a question, maybe we'll line you up with some tickets for tonight's show, that could be kind of cool. Anyone here have a question they'd…?

ZAC: Someone in the back of the studio just made a very blatant cough.

MARK: Did you have a question for Hanson? Come on over here. Is the question, "can I have tickets to your show?" by the way?

TRISH: Yeah, can I have tickets to your show?

MARK: What's your name, first of all?

TRISH: I'm Trish.

MARK: Where are you from, Trish?

TRISH: I am from Falling Waters, West Virginia.

MARK: Are you a big Hanson fan?

TRISH: I am.

MARK: Well they're here, ask them anything you want.

ZAC & TAYLOR: Not anything.

KRIS: Oh! How fast did you all come up with that? Man!

ZAC: Go for it!

ISAAC: There's just some things.

ZAC: I reserve the right to not answer whatever you ask.

KRIS: Plead the fifth? I'm sorry, senator, I have no recollection…

ZAC: What it is…

ISAAC: Zac, you're interrupting her comment

TRISH: Have you noticed that your fans have grown with you and you've gained more fans or have you seen similar faces when you've gone through your new shows?

ISAAC: Well, I think what you're seeing is the combination of both. I mean, I definitely think-I mean, I don't know how long have you been into the band?

TRISH: Six years. I have a ticket from when I came to see you guys in 98 and I was in the 96th row.

MARK: Oh my god, that's amazing!

ZAC: I think naturally your fans grow with you and change because I mean, six years ago… I don't know how old you are, but you were six years younger than you are now. So… (laughs)

MARK: Zac Hanson, everybody!

ISAAC: Zac can do math!

ZAC: I was home schooled!

TAYLOR: That's one of the coolest things about these shows has just been to just go into these-breaking the music down, playing it with the acoustic guitars, and to see the fans that have stuck around since the very beginning.

MARK: Yeah, the thing we've learned about your fans, definitely this week, is that they are very, very, very loyal.

MARK: Yeah, well, but that's what it's about.

KRIS: It'd go so far as to say rabid.

ISAAC: Rabid in a good way!

TAYLOR: Well, you've been talking about saying, here is our new single. And you know, the single and the full on record isn't actually going to come out for a couple months now, but the acoustic tour, the whole thing about it was basically to you know, thank the fans that have always sort of stuck around and been loyal and sort of asked and we've been cos we've been making a record for three years. So, there's been a lot of time where they're going, "what are you guys doing?" and want information, so we're sort of giving them something special by doing this tour, and…

ISAAC: Yeah, we wanted to go ahead of the record and kind of make sure we played venues that were intimate enough to where the fan base really had the opportunity to really feel like they were involved in something that they couldn't be involved with otherwise…

TAYLOR: It's also a lot of fun for us to do.

ZAC: I want to say that this is the first radio station I've ever been on that has played music of this caliber in the background… I feel like I should be wearing lederhosen!

ISAAC: It's patriotic polka, okay?!

MARK: If you don't like that, I've got something else here--

TAYLOR: Actually, Zac, you are wearing lederhosen!

MARK: Let me try this one, maybe this one is more to your liking. *PLAYS MMMBOP*

KRIS: There ya go!

TAYLOR: But that doesn't make me want to wear lederhosen.

MARK: It makes me kind of want to wear…

KRIS: Oh no!

ISAAC: Kind of sounds like a personal issue!

TAYLOR: Are you playing the chicken song?

KRIS: The chicken dance!

MARK: Yeah, well, you loved the German stuff.

TAYLOR: You guys, man… the quality…

MARK: Does anyone know the chicken dance?

ZAC: I'm doing it right now!

ISAAC: Yeah, the theater of the mind, everybody. The theater of the mind.

MARK: Zac is chicken dancing in the studio.

TAYLOR: Where else do you do the chicken dance besides at the rolling rink?

KRIS: Weddings!

MARK: Weddings! You do it at the weddings a lot.

MARK: Okay, cos when I was a little kid that was like the only place I ever heard… it was at the roller rink.

MARK: We are joined by Hanson: Taylor, Isaac, Zac. Give it up for them one more time. And we got a whole bunch of their fans in here; a bunch more on the phone, too. Their show, incidentally at The Birchmere tonight, is sold out. You can only get the tickets here. We've still got about six pairs left. Let's talk to some of your fans and see what we can get going here. This is Cederick from Waldorf, good morning Cederick, how are you doing?

CEDERICK: Good, how are you?

MARK: We're great, say hi to Hanson!

CEDERICK: What's up, Hanson?

ISAAC: Hey man, how are ya?


MARK: What's your question for the guys?

CEDERICK: Do you guys enjoy touring more or recording albums?

TAYLOR: That's a good question.

ISAAC: Well, I think they're both integral parts of being in a band. I think obviously the recording element is once you've kind of created and written the music, it's recording it to then release it obviously to the fan base and so on.

ZAC: I think you enjoy-right now I'm just loving touring, getting to see the fans again. It's been a while since we've been out so I definitely have to say touring.

ISAAC: Zac's going for touring.

TAYLOR: Touring is such a different dynamic-

ZAC: I'm going to go with A, Bob.

TAYLOR: Is that your final answer?

MARK: That's correct! Good job! All right, hey, Cederick, do you want to go to the show tonight?


MARK: Do you have tickets?


MARK: All right, hang tight, we'll hook you up with those. Congratulations. This is Michelle from Manassas. Hey Michelle, how are you doing?

MICHELLE: Okay, how are you?

MARK: We're great, say hi to the guys.

MICHELLE: Hi Hanson!

TAYLOR: Hey Michelle.

ISAAC: Helloooo-ahh.

MARK: That was Ike, by the way.

ISAAC: Jabba The Hut just ate Zac.

TAYLOR: Michelle, did you have a question?

MICHELLE: Yes, I would like to know if you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?

TAYLOR: Wow. Let's see. What would we be doing?

MARK: Morning radio program in Washington, DC.

ISAAC: Well, considering that we're on the radio talking about music, probably just music.

TAYLOR: But it's always funny when somebody asks you that because it's like, well, we wouldn't be us if we didn't do music, so we'd be another person. You know, we've got a lot of other interests, I don't know.

ISAAC: Artistic expression basically is things like writing--

TAYLOR: Maybe directing films, maybe…

MARK: Do you guys see yourselves as like The Bee Gees? You know, forty years from now still performing together as brothers?

ZAC: Until we all die off? (laughs) The Bee Gees get so little credit for how amazing they have been.

TAYLOR: Unbelievable. So, I guess you would say we hope to be a fraction of the success of groups like The Bee Gees; I mean, they're amazing.

MARK: They are pretty cool. Would they be some of your big influences? Who are--

ISAAC: Yeah, big influences for us would be 50s and 60s soul and rock & roll.

TAYLOR: That was the best music.

ISAAC: I didn't even really start listening to kind of like skin or pop radio until I was like, 12 or 13 years old because I was listening to so much 50s and 60s rock & roll up to that point, so I mean, like, it was just kind of one of those things--

ZAC: Needless to say, we were outcasts. We lived in a small hut in the outside of town and people shunned us and threw rocks at us.

ZAC & ISAAC: We lived in a van down by the river!

MARK: Hey Michelle, do you have tickets to the show tonight?

MICHELLE: No, we don't.

MARK: Would you like to go?

MICHELLE: Yes, I would!

MARK: All right, you're in.


MARK: Fantastic. Hang on. One more real quick, Sarah from Arlington has a question specifically for Zac. Hi Sarah!

SARAH: Hi, how are you?

MARK: What's your question?

SARAH: My question to Zac is, Zac, do you have a girlfriend?

ZAC: Ah, thank you for asking. But I do, I've had a girlfriend I've been dating for-

TAYLOR: Oh Zac, she didn't care. She just wanted to know.

SARAH: No, I totally care.

TAYLOR: No, I'm just teasing.

ZAC: Ike's single!

TAYLOR: Ike does not have a girlfriend right now.

MARK: How long have you guys been dating?

ZAC: Two and a half years almost?

KRIS: Oh wow.

MARK: So how come only one of you is married? You guys are good-looking successful guys.

TAYLOR: Um, cos, I'm the craziest one of the group I guess?

MARK: Oh is that it?

ZAC: He's the only one who got tied down!

TAYLOR: I guess they slipped more drugs in my coffee.

MARK: You were the craziest one, now you're nowhere near crazy as you used to be. All right guys, now we've got your new single here, a little evolution of Hanson. As we all know, their first big hit: *PLAYS MMMBOP* Everybody loves this one, right?

KRIS: Of course!

MARK: This is my karaoke song of choice. And then one Kris Gamble and I's favorites-when did you say this was?

TAYLOR: 2000. "This Time Around."

MARK: 2000. *PLAYS THIS TIME AROUND* This was a great song. Do you guys still perform this one live?

TAYLOR: Yeah, definitely.

ISAAC: It's a song called "This Time Around."

MARK: And do you guys write and produce all your own stuff, right?


KRIS: That's so cool.

MARK: This is a great song.

ZAC: We ended up producing most of this new record that comes out in the spring. You know, that was just a choice we made to, just, I think when it came to this record some of the songs we just had an exact thing that we wanted to get.

MARK: That's awesome man. The new record comes out in the spring, right?

TAYLOR: The full record, yeah, it's called Underneath.

MARK: It's called Underneath. And this is the first single. What you're hearing now is an acoustic EP of the single. There is going to be a studio version that actually comes on a little bit later on. It's called "Penny & Me" and you're hearing it first on Hot 99.5. Are you guys ready for it? *PLAYS MACARENA* Oh, that's not it.

KRIS: Ah, that's the Macarena!

ISAAC: And the chicken song!


MARK: Hanson! That's "Penny & Me," what do you think about that?

KRIS: Awesome!

MARK: Guys, that was stellar. That was great.

MARK: Very good.

TAYLOR: Thanks!

MARK: You guys are going to be performing that and a whole bunch of other songs tonight at The Birchmere. We still have three pairs of tickets. 877-995-HOT1. The new album Underneath coming out next spring. Give it up for Isaac, Zac, and Taylor, the Hanson brothers!

KRIS: Bravo!

MARK: You said next stop England, right?

TAYLOR: Next stop is London, yeah, and then the last show of the tour is at Carnegie Hall in New York. That'll be a special show.

KRIS: That's cool!

MARK: I saw that on your website,

ZAC: Yes, that's the website.

TAYLOR: And, by the way, that recording, you can get the CD on The only place you can get that CD is there,, or at the shows. So, that's kind of the idea. It's a special little thing.

MARK: Guys, thank you so much for stopping by. Best of luck to you. I hope in like, ten years from now you're still putting out the hits and we're still here. And we can all get together again.

ISAAC: Ooohh, get together again, oooh, I remember the old days! (old person accent)

TAYLOR: I just hope you're not wearing that lederhosen anymore.

MARK: Yeah, I'll have taken it off by then. One more time, these guys are great. Hanson!

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