Much on Demand
09 October 2003

RICK: You guys ready for them? Let's bring them on out, Hanson! Come on down guys! Good to see you guys! Come and stand right over here. Look at that!

TAYLOR: Hey guys, how's it going?

RICK: How you guys doing?

TAYLOR: Doing great!

ISAAC: We're doing very good.

RICK: Can you believe this?

ISAAC: They're crazy, in a good way!

TAYLOR: You guys are crazy! What's in the water here? You guys got something in the water?

RICK: Let's just make this clear. Out of the spotlight for a few years.

TAYLOR: We were here three years ago; that was the last time we were here.

RICK: We announced that you were coming on Much on Demand. The guest list in seconds it was done with, it was sold out. How does that make you guys feel?

TAYLOR: Well, we just have amazing fans. I mean, really. Yeah, give it up for the ladies! We do, and also it's always been Toronto has always been great to us. You guys have always had fans here that were really awesome. You know, the new record comes out in the spring so we've been doing this acoustic tour and it's been really amazing to see all of these fans that have waited around and stuck with what we were doing and followed the band and so these shows, these acoustic shows have sort of a way to give them something special. Breaking it down, three acoustic guitars…

RICK: That's cool.

TAYLOR: So that's what we're going to be doing here tomorrow night.

RICK: All three of you are on guitars? Is that what you're saying?

TAYLOR: Guitars, pianos, shakers, moving it around.

ISAAC: I mean, the cool thing about-the way that we end up writing is we all pretty much play guitar and piano and so, depending on the song Zac may play keyboard, I may play keyboard, Tay may play and so on, guitar or whatever, it just comes down to the way that the song was written and what feels appropriate. Cos, when you're in an intimate acoustic setting, you really have to cover all the bases on the instruments.

TAYLOR: Yeah, it's just been amazing playing shows and seeing the fans.

RICK: I sense that Zac has calmed down a bit, over the years. Cos you know, the last time…

ZAC: Those tranquilizers I've been taking…

TAYLOR: See, Zac would really hurt you now…

RICK: Yes, he would. He would hurt me back then!

ZAC: I really actually have hurt a couple guys being spastic, so I have calmed down; I'm afraid I'm going to get sued. "Oh dude, you broke my leg!!"

ISAAC: Well, it was that whole incident with Ashton Kutcher, where Zac knocked…

ZAC: I knocked him off the stage, he bruised and hurt his leg, and I've hit a couple other people in the face…

RICK: Cos he's a pretty big guy himself.

ZAC: He's bigger than I am.

RICK: Let's talk about the longevity of you guys here, closing in on a decade of Hanson. 17, 22, 20, around there, somewhere. What do you guys credit that to, being brothers?

ISAAC: I think it has to do with first of all, having exceptional fan base that cares enough to come to shows and to be interested in our music. I mean, I think what it all comes down to is we just love what we do immensely. It's all about the passion for us; it's all about being able to perform the music that you just can't help but make.

TAYLOR: Yeah, I mean doing it, we would do it no matter what.

RICK: And they appreciate that, these people appreciate that around us. I gotta ask you what you guys have been up to in the past few years, other than working on this album.

TAYLOR: Yeah, well, we've been doing a lot of things. I mean, one thing has really been just putting together the right album that we wanted to release. I mean, every time you make an album it's not about, "okay, we're going to put one out." It's about, "okay, what's the right combination?" and the timing for us now is kind of amazing because we feel the way that it's come together, this is exactly the right time to be dropping the new album.

ISAAC: It feels very fortuitive.

TAYLOR: The other thing is, we just formed a new label, so that's been something that's been coming along for some time.


TAYLOR: Yeah, 3CG Records. And we'll be releasing our record on there and hopefully other artists in the future, but really the focus is what we're doing right now.

ISAAC: So, Underneath in the spring is what it's called.

TAYLOR: Yeah, Underneath, comes out in the spring. And you know, there were a lot of collaborations, there were a lot of really cool people we worked with. We wrote with Matthew Sweet, we worked with Gregg Alexander from The New Radicals, you know, Carole King, Ed Robertson from The Barenaked Ladies, he's great. Michelle Branch came and sat in and sang.

RICK: It's something that you didn't really do on your first couple albums, these collaborations. Why this time around?

TAYLOR: Well, one thing that we've been really excited about is we've sort of fallen into a niche of different friends in bands like Michelle, who obviously played with us on the second tour and then got signed and obviously has a lot of success. Bands like Maroon 5 are friends of ours. And just a lot of young people making really cool music and for us it's just about saying, "hey, come in. We want a community of people playing."

ISAAC: There's kind of an up and coming band, they've released several records. A band called Phantom Planet. I don't know if you guys have heard of them.

TAYLOR: Yeah, they're great.

ISAAC: Sam Farrar, who's the bass player in that band, he played on the record. It just really comes down to the community, your friends, they just come down and play cos you know each other and you guys have like minds.

ZAC: It's, "dude, I love what you do. Play on my record."

RICK: It's as simple as that.

TAYLOR: Making music.

RICK: Megan also has a question for you. Megan, come on up here. Megan, meet the guys in Hanson. What's your question for the guys today, go ahead?

MEGAN: Okay, you guys have taken on a few new roles in your life recently. Taylor, a husband, father. You guys are both uncles. I just want to know if that's influenced your music at all or influences you as musicians in general.

TAYLOR: Well, I mean everything-part of being an artist is you're supposed to pull from everything around you, right? So it's a huge influence, yeah, it's an amazing thing. Yeah, I'm married; I've got a baby that's almost a year old.

RICK: Yeah, good for you. Congratulations.

TAYLOR: Yeah, so you're always pulling, you're pulling from all those things. Whatever you do, hopefully you get new inspiration. So it's a huge inspiration.

MEGAN: Has it inspired any songs on the record or anything?

ISAAC: Well not necessarily on the record.

TAYLOR: It was kind of done before that happened.

ISAAC: It was kind of done before Ezra, Tay's boy was around, or anything like that.

TAYLOR: Or even getting married, but in writing songs now, I mean, stuff that'll be on the next album and things we play on tour, I mean, there's a lot of songs inspired by those things.

MEGAN: Congratulations, by the way. All of you.

TAYLOR: Thanks.

RICK: Thank you Megan. I've got a nephew named Ezra. Yeah, it's a cool name. A lot more to get to with you guys. Let's get to one of your video picks first of all, was it Fountains of Wayne?

TAYLOR: Fountains of Wayne, "Stacy's Mom."

RICK: Why this one?

TAYLOR: Well, we're friends with Adam Shlessinger and those guys and throughout the years we've connected with them and just cool song, cool video.

RICK: Sure, Rachel Hunter has nothing to do with it right? Huh?

ISAAC: No, of course not!

TAYLOR: And you know, she's hot. No…

RICK: Fountains of Wayne, for the guys in Hanson. Let's check it out.

RICK: "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne. We're here with Hanson. That was your pick right there.

ISAAC: Yeah, Rachel Hunter had nothing to do with it…

RICK: Rachel Hunter had a little bit to do with it. Those guys were in the other day, nice guys.

ISAAC: Very cool, yeah.

RICK: Let's talk about your website, Right now the album isn't coming out until the new year, like you said…

TAYLOR: But what's on the site right now is Underneath Acoustic, which is, along with the acoustic shows, people can get sort of a sneak peak. It's an album in itself, I mean, it's an acoustic album, it's really pretty cool, just totally broken down thing. But it's eight songs from the upcoming album performed acoustically. You can check it there and you can also get it at the shows.

RICK: Is this it?

TAYLOR: Yeah, we're listening to it right now. This is one of the songs. But yeah, it's just something we wanted to do special for the fans and it gives people a sneak peak to what the music is like.

RICK: How do people, or how do the Hanson fans enjoy the acoustic sets, you know, compared to what you guys with like the rock and roll sets.

TAYLOR: Well first of all, we still rock it out. We have to rock it, we can't do a completely mellow set because by the time it gets to the middle we're like, "okay, drums!"

RICK: Okay, so you plug in the guitars?

TAYLOR: Well, we get rocking as much as you can with a few acoustic guitars and keyboard, but…

ISAAC: Zac has a drum set too.

ZAC: I have a very small drum set.

TAYLOR: It's so small.

ZAC: It's this big. Ooh yes!

TAYLOR: But it's just been really cool to see first of all, fans are hearing new music for the first time. And the acoustic CD gives them a chance to know some of the songs ahead of time. But playing acoustically, this is really what we do when we write songs and when we sit around like Ike was saying, that's kind of the core of this band. So it's not really anything new for us, but it is new to do an entire tour where you know, you're not plugging in and you're just keeping it real low down.

ZAC: But you're keeping it real.

RICK: I hear ya.

TAYLOR: Keeping it real. Like the homies do.

RICK: I hear ya, bro. Are you guys going to the show tomorrow night? Who's going? Holy, man! Let's quickly get a question from… okay; let's take a phone call first. Okay, we're going to take a phone call first and then we're going to go over here. I think it's Alisha who's on the line with us right now, Alisha, how are you?

ALISHA: I'm good.

RICK: There you go, Hanson right here, say hello.

ALISHA: Hi, how are ya?

ISAAC: We're doing good!

ALISHA: Okay, my question is, has there ever been a time when you guys felt like giving up, and if so, what inspired you to go on?

TAYLOR: Wow, by the way, very nice collected question. Sometimes people don't go for the question right away. You know, as a human being there's always times, no matter it is, your personal life, whether you're in a band, you know working hard, whether whatever you're doing, there's always going to be times when you're like, "wow, this is really hard." But you know, what we do is our passion and you know, we are really glad to get to work at it no matter what the situation is.

ZAC: I think you may come to that for a second and go, "well maybe we should stop." And then you go, "wait! I'm doing music. This is what I love, I can't stop doing this."

TAYLOR: Yeah, and then also, our fans and our bond between each other, just the way we make music together, and the ability to do that together sort of keeps our focus. You know, it sort of brings us back to the center and says, okay, well, this is really worth doing. No matter what's going on.

RICK: Alisha, are you okay with that?

ALISHA: Yeah, that's great.

TAYLOR: Thanks Alisha.

ISAAC: In other words, we ain't gonna be stopping any time soon.

TAYLOR: We gonna be kicking ass, all day long. And taking names.

RICK: Hey, there you go. Sarah has a question-we'll see you Alisha, take care. Sarah has a question back here, Sarah?

TONYA: This is Sarah and I'm Tonya. And first we have to say hi to our friend Stephanie from Newfoundland, just cos she couldn't be here.

TAYLOR: Very nice, gotta say hi.

SARAH: Our question is, what is the biggest difference in your life now in comparison to when you first hit it big with "MMMBop" in 1997.

TAYLOR: Biggest difference in our life?

SARAH: Or in your career, your personal lives, in everything.

TAYLOR: Wow, that's a good question.

SARAH: I try.

RICK: You were here years ago when they first performed live right over here, weren't you?

ISAAC: Yeah she was, he's good with faces.

SARAH: I was here this morning.

TAYLOR: Wow, well you know, I think a lot of the things that are the same are the things that keep us together, the similarities, the fact that you know, what we do never changes in a way. But you know, I just think the evolving interests, whether it's different ways to express yourself through other artistic avenues, whether you're meeting up with other bands or other artistic things like writing or other art.

ISAAC: Well, and I also think there's a time when you've been doing music and making records as long as we have, there's a certain amount of confidence that you get from doing that over and over and over again to where you can kind of, I guess, take on more elements such as like we were talking about, making the record label element or producing a lot of the record yourself and so on.

TAYLOR: And hoping to produce and write for other people too.

ISAAC: Yeah, exactly.

TAYLOR: I think it's kind of just the atmosphere around, the support system you have between each other and just building your team of friends and your business partners and doing the band, too.

RICK: Thanks guys, thanks very much. Before we go to break, a quick email question from Ashley in Belville. She wants to know what musicians you're listening to right now.

TAYLOR: What musicians are we listening to right now?

ZAC: A guy named Wes Cunningham, who's a really cool guy. Independent nobody would really know who he is, a guy named Bleu. Same type of thing. He's amazing.

ISAAC: B-L-E-U. Great record.

ZAC: Go find his record.

RICK: What kind of music?

ZAC: You know, it's pop/rock stuff. It's definitely in that genre.

ISAAC: Bleu has this kind of singer/songwriter meets electronica vibe. I don't know exactly how to describe it.

TAYLOR: It's melodramatic in places. He's a great artist, everyone should check him out.

ISAAC: And every once in a while an element of Neil Diamond.

RICK: Neil Diamond, there's gotta be Neil Diamond.

ZAC: In the best possible way.

RICK: And I read also a little bit, a little Coldplay, a little Travis in there?

ZAC: A little Coldplay, a little Travis.

ISAAC: A little Maroon 5.

ZAC: Just a lot of stuff.

RICK: Are you guys into doing a little a cappella after the break? Maybe if the fans are into it?

TAYLOR: Sure, we can throw something in there.

RICK: Quick break and we'll see what Hanson can do for us after the break, maybe a little performance. Come back and check it out.


RICK: You're back with Much on Demand. The guys in Hanson. You guys don't know where to look. And Nam has joined us as well; Nam has come out for the party. We talked about it earlier. It's up to you guys. Can we give them a little taste?

TAYLOR: This is the song.

RICK: What do you guys think?

TAYLOR: Yeah, we'll sing you guys just a little piece. Just one mic. This is a new tune.

chorus of "Penny & Me"

RICK: Now wait a minute. How come every girl knew the words to that song?

ISAAC: We've got the acoustic record. The song's on the acoustic record; it's going to be the first single off this coming album, Underneath, so.

TAYLOR: We're beaming something into their brains right now.

RICK: That's got to be something, when your fans can sing back at you even when it's on stage or here, what does that do to you?

ISAAC: It's really cool, music that you've written that you wrote at your house and then all of the sudden people are singing it back. It's a really, really cool experience.

TAYLOR: That's kind of what you do. Like making music for people to hear and feel good about. And if you do it for you and other people respond to it, then it's come full circle

NAM: Well thank you for stopping by.

RICK: Yes, thank you. And settle down over there, Zac.

ZAC: I'm sorry, I just can't hear you and they're talking to me and I'm talking back and… viscous cycle of pain and anger and…

NAM: Linkin Park took the first vote-o-matic.

RICK: Linkin Park took he first one.

NAM: A little bit of clapping going on. I think they want more Hanson.

RICK: A little bit.

NAM: Time to set up the second vote-o-matic. It's Canadian females. We've got Fefe Dobson, (?), and Kiesha Shanta., MOD and vote for your favorite one. And there's the camera!

RICK: There it is right there. Make some noise one more time for Taylor, Zac, Taylor, Isaac. Thanks for stopping by! Safe travels on the way. Let's get to some Linkin Park. This is them on Much on Demand. Thanks guys.


RICK: 50 Cent getting a little help from Snoop Dogg right there, a little "PIMP." He's doing something a little different than what you guys would normally do. Totally different right there.

TAYLOR: No, that's actually not that different. You should see the next video, yeah. It has a lot of lingerie.

ZAC: Women in lingerie. Us in lingerie.

TAYLOR: Some serious ghetto onions hanging out.

ISAAC: It's a little bit kinky. It's a little PIMP, if you know what I'm saying.

RICK: Isaac has the magic stick?

ISAAC: Yeah, I have the magic stick.

TAYLOR: Yeah, we need to stop talking…

RICK: What's with the Carnegie Hall show? That's going to end this acoustic tour for you guys, in New York?

TAYLOR: Yeah, the last show, I mean, like we've been talking about, it's been a really cool thing to go out and play these acoustic shows and so we said, "what should we do to finish it all off?" So the last show is going to be at Carnegie Hall, November 5th, and it's just going to be amazing. I mean, it's such an amazing venue.

ZAC: You go in that place and it's just a phenomenal place to play. You stand on the stage and you just get chills. It's an amazing venue. I would go buy tickets to watch a show with no one in it. You know what I mean? With no one on stage. To just sit in the venue and go, "wow."

TAYLOR: He's a little sick, but you know.

ISAAC: And also what's cool about that venue is the way that it's designed. There's really not a bad seat in the house, you know, I mean, there's two balconies and-or actually-

TAYLOR: Three balconies.

ISAAC: There's three balconies but the way it's set up it's still really close to the stage and it's just really cool. It's an amazing venue. So there's really not a bad seat in the house-and the way that it sounds and it's just an amazing venue.

RICK: The Guvernment tomorrow night, it's not a bad venue. either (cheers) Christine, Christine is on the line with us right now from Nova Scotia. Christine, go ahead. The guys from Hanson are right here.


RICK: How are you?

CHRISTINE: Good, how are you?

ISAAC: I think she's got the hots for you!

TAYLOR: Wow, I think you've got the wrong number!

ISAAC: She's raping you with her eyes.

CHRISTINE: My question is for Isaac and Zac.

ISAAC: Okay.

CHRISTINE: My question is, do you have any plans to get married or have children of your own?

ZAC: Well, Ike is currently single but there are no plans for me to get married anytime soon.

CHRISTINE: You look really good, Zac.

ISAAC: Zac's a little P-I-M-P, you know?

RICK: Christine, you happy with the answer to that question there?

CHRISTINE: Yes, I am. Happy Thanksgiving, Rick!

RICK: Thank you very much!

CHRISTINE: You're welcome!

RICK: And same to you. Same to you.

TAYLOR: She should really go into a Loveline thing or something. "Hey, Rick, how's it going?"

ZAC: Helllo, how you doing, baby? [deep voice]

RICK: You two just made a lot of girls happy out there. So, let's get to-what was that? Do that again.

ZAC: That was me. [deep voice]

RICK: That's a modern-day Wolfman Jack right there.

TAYLOR: Yeah, exactly.

RICK: Another question here, email from Mary from Strathwoy, since you guys started in the music business very young, I was wondering if you have any advice for others in the industry; not just musicians but also those going into management-the management aspect of the industry. You guys have your own label now…

TAYLOR: Yeah, we have our own label. You know, there's so many things to say as far as the industry, I mean I think the biggest thing, the rule of thumb, is, you know, there's so many different people coming out with ideas and ways and quick fixes and the way to have the sure thing, and I think you just got to stick, you gotta find that thing that you know and that you believe in and you gotta follow that through and not let up when you believe in something and just stick with it. Cos there are so many different-whether you're becoming a manager and managing bands or you're starting a company to bring on other bands or whether you're a musician, you gotta start with something you know. And everybody's gonna go, "oh, do this, do this, do this, chase this," but you just got to stay focused on what you're doing.

ZAC: I think what Tay's trying to say in a short answer is be true to you.

RICK: Be true to you, that's it right there, in a nutshell. Hanson. Let's leave it like that. Quick commercial break, more with Hanson after the break. Come on back. That's it.


RICK: Back with Much on Demand, hanging with Hanson. You guys have been hanging out here for the whole show, we appreciate that. Thank you very much.

ZAC: We enjoy it.

RICK: Before we stop that vote-o-matic, we have a quick question over here from Robin. Isaac, can you help Robin out with the microphone? Robin, go ahead.

ROBIN: First of all, I just want to say thank you for sharing your music with the world and helping a lot of people through difficult times, and my question is, what do you think of our Canadian Idol? He's from my hometown.

ISAAC: You mean Canadian Idol, American Idol, that's what you mean?

RICK: Ryan Malcolm won the Canadian Idol, he's the Canadian Idol. I don't know if you're familiar with him.

ISAAC: I'm not aware.

RICK: You're aware of Clay Aiken and Reuben's thing and Ryan Malcolm is…

ISAAC: I'm barely aware of American Idol. I'm like, out of the loop.

RICK: Well, what do you think of that whole genre of shows?

ISAAC: I think it's really-I think it's a very different side of the music business than what we're a part of. So, I'm not really at liberty to comment particularly.

TAYLOR: I think it's cool that it gives artists that wouldn't necessarily have a chance in other avenues a direct way to get to people. It's always cool if it's a great artist, then they get exposed and that's a cool thing.

RICK: Robin, great question. Say hi to Ryan for us. With us, the last vote-o-matic, and I think Fefe Dobson took this one. Let's check it out, Fefe Dobson, we're back with Hanson after.


NAM: Fefe Dobson, winner of the second vote-o-matic. In stores November the 11th. Hanson. thank you so much for stopping by.

ISAAC: Thank you for having us.

RICK: Before we say goodbye, we forgot to do this. You guys were held up at the border for a bit? What's up with that?

ZAC: You know, we just looked kind of funny and they didn't want us coming in to Canada.

ISAAC: Zac and I had just waken up from like, a…

ZAC: We were wasted, man!

RICK: You're only 17, come on!

TAYLOR: This is the first place we had to come. So, come into the country, come straight here.

RICK: Isn't that nice? Well, we appreciate you coming here. Safe travels, and if you want to talk about the website one more time, quickly.

TAYLOR: is the website, you can check out the record.

RICK: Record out in the new year, single out hopefully soon.

TAYLOR: Single out at the end of the year and record out early next year.

RICK: Well, thanks for stopping by. Guvernment, tomorrow night. Nam, awesome show. we'll see you guys later! Have good weekend everybody!