The Sharon Osbourne Show
26 October 2003

SHARON: All right guys, my next guests have sold over fifty million records and I have seen them come a long way from really amazingly talented little boys and now there's even more talent and they're fantastic young men. And I admire them so much; they've come a long way. And here to perform "Penny & Me" from their new CD, please, my great pleasure to welcome Hanson.


ZAC: That's the best intro I've ever gotten!

SHARON: Ooh I tell you. Guys, I am so happy that you're finally on my show. How long have we known each other? A long time.

TAYLOR: Years!

SHARON: Years!

TAYLOR: Years and years.

SHARON: Years and years.

ZAC: We go way back.

SHARON: I've got a lot older than you have in that time, let me tell you. So I want to know about the new CD.

TAYLOR: Well right now we're on an acoustic tour obviously just playing like this. And there is an acoustic CD that's available at our site and at the shows and it's sort of a sneak peak because the full-length album comes out in the spring, and this is like acoustic versions of songs that are on the record.

SHARON: And you're doing it all by yourselves, the CD, that's your label.

TAYLOR: Yeah, well actually we just started our own label, it's called 3CG Records. It's really exciting.

SHARON: Let me tell you something. We're doing exactly the same thing with Ozzy-no more record labels! We don't need them, right?!

ISAAC: The Eagles and Pearl Jam are another good example of people that have made that same decision because really the industry is in a very interesting and changing place right now and really I think artists have an opportunity to do things they never had the opportunity to do before. So I think it's nice.

SHARON: We were just talking about that, right?

GIRL?: It's inspiring for me because we have our own record label and we don't know what to do, but yeah. Same thing.

SHARON: Same thing, on our own. That's it!

TAYLOR: We don't know what to do, but we're doing it! And it's exciting.

ZAC: And we're doing good!

SHARON: You are! You are! And I just wish you so much luck with the new CD and I know everybody is going to go and get it. All right, tell me, what's it called?

TAYLOR: It's called Underneath.

SHARON: Underneath. And where can everyone get it?

TAYLOR: Well, on the site, is the acoustic version, it's a little sneak peak and in February the new one'll come out, it'll be called Underneath and you can get it in stores everywhere.

SHARON: Yes! Thank you so much, thank you! Good luck guys, really. Good luck. Thank you so much! Thank you, we'll be right back!