Star 98.7
Los Angeles, California
19 June 2003

JAMIE: Danny loves Hanson, goes crazy -- "I love Hanson, I love Hanson, MMMBop, I love Hanson." So actually we've been hearing about this for a couple of years. Well, your dreams have come true.

DANNY: I know!

JAMIE: Your dreams, your hopes, your wishes... because they're in the hizze!

TAYLOR: I just hope they're not the same dreams as Gene Simmons's had.

DANNY: No, they're not!

TAYLOR: Although we're really not in the same ballpark.

JAMIE: As Danny said, ladies and gentlemen: Hanson! Very nice! Wooooo!

ISAAC: Thank you very much.

DANNY: So we have, let's see, Zac and Clarke and Jordan, is that correct?

TAYLOR: Zac, Isaac, and Taylor. Clarke, Jordan. We use our middle names; it's kind of weird.

DANNY: You use your middle names? That is kind of weird. Now Zac, I wouldn't have recognized you, man! You were like, this adorable, eight-year-old drummer kid, and now you're like, a linebacker!

ZAC: Well, it happens!

TAYLOR: Usually, over time...

ISAAC: That and something like, the, like, the 200 push ups a night thing.

DANNY: Is that what you're doing? And you're hitting the 'roids, is that true?

TAYLOR: Yeah, there's nothing like 'roids with your frosted flakes every morning.

JAMIE: You guys are like, they're old!

DANNY: They're not old, where's the oldest one?

ISAAC: I'm 22.

JAMIE: Ahh, look at that! College material!

DANNY: Zac, you're the youngest, how old are you?

ZAC: I'm 17.

DANNY: And you?


DANNY: And married.

JAMIE: He's 20.

TAYLOR: Gene Simmons is a pup, you know?

JAMIE: And you got married?

TAYLOR: Yeah, I got married.

JAMIE: Wow, there's some issues there.

TAYLOR: Yeah, me and Gene really need to have a conversation in the hall about that.

JAMIE: No kidding, yeah!

DANNY: No offense, and I hope you take this in the right way, but if I were--cos you are like really attractive, I can tell already...

TAYLOR: Wow, thanks very much.

DANNY: If I was a handsome young Hanson, I would be spreading my seed, dude!

JAMIE: I have a question, why would you get married to one woman? You're a great looking guy and you're what, 20 did you say?

TAYLOR: Yeah, I'm 20. I don't know, I think--

JAMIE: Can you be faithful?

TAYLOR: Well, I'm with you on that, first of all. I think Gene is just giving the logic of what a boy would do, as opposed to a man. There's a big difference.

JAMIE: Wow, Hanson's just... wow! Hanson just called Kiss the boy! I think you guys should fight!

TAYLOR: I would put my money on you, personally. That's all I've got to say.

JAMIE: Oh, I like Hanson more than Kiss now!

DANNY: I told you they're the greatest band of all time!

TAYLOR: Have you seen the biceps on her? I mean, if only the listeners knew the size.

ISAAC: She's not only hot, but she's cut too!

TAYLOR: It's amazing, and you can have both.

JAMIE: Right, and you should see my thighs!

DANNY: So what is this thing you guys are doing, what is this thing here I have?

JAMIE: Thursday, June 19th.

ISAAC: Thursday, it's a little LIFEbeat benefit. We got called by Karen Glauber, who's putting together the event, and she really wanted us to come.

JAMIE: What is LIFEbeat?

Zac It's AIDS awareness, um, just about, you know, I mean, AIDS still is something that exists.

TAYLOR: And Gene will be there actually! He's the spokesperson!

DANNY: Here's the before picture!

TAYLOR: Before and after.

JAMIE: Now I don't think this is funny.

TAYLOR: It'll just be... it's just about bands you know, promoting AIDS awareness, it's trying to use music to...

JAMIE: Wear a condom, I think.

DANNY: I'm wearing one right now!

JAMIE: Oh that's great.

jumbled voices

JAMIE: Oh, Hanson got creepy!

TAYLOR: Zac's the creepy Hanson.

ZAC: Creepy Hanson.

JAMIE: You are, you used to be the cute, shy, quiet one, and now you're the creepy Hanson.

DANNY: He wasn't back then.

ZAC: Well, you know.

ISAAC: Zac's always been troubled. He's the drummer!

DANNY: I interviewed these guys in Detroit at the height of their "MMMBop" craze and the crazy girls outside, and everybody was like all cool except Zac, who I thought I would so see him on Jerry Springer and then in rehab.

JAMIE: Oh, is he the wild, crazy one?

DANNY: You've grown up nicely!

JAMIE: Do you think it's weird that your brother got married?

ZAC: Ehh, no, I mean, I'd do same thing if I was in his position.

JAMIE: Why, what position? Was she pregnant or something?

ZAC: No, no, just, when you get somebody as cool as his wife.

TAYLOR: No, she's a cool girl.

JAMIE: (to Taylor) Aww, you're precious.

JAMIE: So you get a little sidetracked, like hey, my brother's not around.

TAYLOR: Cos he's taking care of the rest of the--well there goes a third of the girls, okay.

DANNY: Ooh, 2/3 for me!

JAMIE: All right, so here's what we know: one like is happily married, really loves his wife. We know the other one bones a horse, now what's your story?

TAYLOR: It's a little bit of both; he has a wife on the side.

JAMIE: Is he gay?

ISAAC: Definitely not gay. There's no putting from the ruff up here.

JAMIE: You should just have every angle.

ISAAC: Oh no, I'll leave that angle unturned. I'm very happy with my heterosexuality.

DANNY: How long have you guys been playing together now?

TAYLOR: I think May was 11 years.

ISAAC: 11 years, yeah.

DANNY: Wait, wait, wait. Zac, how old are you?

ZAC: I'm 17.

TAYLOR: He was 6.

JAMIE: I could have done the math if you would have given me a minute!

TAYLOR: She's working on it!

JAMIE: Come on!

TAYLOR: We've all got good math minds.

ISAAC: Zac started playing drums when he was 9. We did a cappella stuff for quite a few years. We'd be writing songs and humming the tunes, you know, with a pitch pipe.

TAYLOR: Yeah, we were insane!

JAMIE: Were your parents like, those pageant parents like, "you will play!"

ISAAC: Actually, our parents were kind of the antithesis of that in the sense that...

TAYLOR: It was really us more wanting to play and then them saying, "well, these guys want to play really bad, so I guess we'll drive them there."

ZAC: We can't walk with our drums over our shoulders.

DANNY: Are you all accomplished musicians, or...

TAYLOR: Well, depends on what you say by accomplished. I mean, we write and produce our own stuff, I mean, we're totally players, but you always try to be a better player. No Eddie van Halen's here.

JAMIE: That's what I was going to ask, are you Eddie van Halen's?

TAYLOR: Well I don't think we'd say that we're Eddie van Halen, but I mean, we're a band. That's what we do.

DANNY: Can you drum like Peter Criss?

ZAC: Ehh, you know...

TAYLOR: That's a yes. He's just being timid, he's going, "I got the steroids, he doesn't."

ISAAC: I'll vouch for Zac in saying that I think he is one of my favorite drummers.

ZAC: Thank you!

JAMIE: Aww, my favorite drummer tonight on UPN next Sunday.

ISAAC: Did I tell you that you guys are the greatest people in the whole wide world?

JAMIE: Aww, we love Hanson!

DANNY: I told you!

JAMIE: Alright, we're going to take a little break and when we come back they're going to play something from their new album, "Deeper."

ISAAC: Uh, "Deeper" is the song, Underneath is the album.

JAMIE: I'm sorry, it was written down...

DANNY: 11 years ago he was 6.

JAMIE: The new song, "Deeper," from the album...

ISAAC: Underneath

JAMIE: Great, great, when we come back.


JAMIE: All right kids! You know what? I've been won over.

DANNY: By Hanson? I knew you would be.

JAMIE: Great guys. I really like them.

DANNY: Just so you know that I'm not the freakish one here, that actually you were until you were won over to the right side of Hanson. Did you know that "MMMBop" was voted one of the 100 Top Rock and Roll Songs of the Top 25 years by VH1?

JAMIE: Whoa Danny, way to have your Hanson facts. All right, so here's the deal: the new album is... well, when's the new album out?

ISAAC: Well, the new album is out, probably it looks like it's going to be February, though we're doing a lot of stuff this coming year as far as touring is concerned. We're getting ready to do an unplugged tour.

JAMIE: Easy answer.

TAYLOR: Easy answer: early next year. He's like a politician, "and..."

JAMIE: "And, we're doing this and this and this!" ah, anyway. So it's called--the new album is called Underneath, but they're going to play a different song from the new album and it's called "Penny In Me."

ISAAC: "Penny & Me."

TAYLOR: and me

JAMIE: Penny and me

ISAAC: It's like, two people is hanging out. Penny, and she's inside me.

ZAC: Penny and this other guy.

JAMIE: Who is penny?

ZAC: Penny is a girl... well, we'll let Gene Simmons tell you about that! Later.

DANNY: All right, are we ready?

JAMIE: 5, 4... or however you guys count.

DANNY: 1, 2, 3, go!


DANNY: Yeah! I love Hanson!

JAMIE: That was awesome!

DANNY: I told you!

JAMIE: Oh my god, I love that song!

TAYLOR: Wow. Danny wants to make out with Zac right now. He's like, he's drooling!

ZAC: Dude, get your tongue out of my ear!

DANNY: That is the sweetest song; that is a great song.

JAMIE: Let's turn on the air conditioning!

jumbled voices

JAMIE: Wow, that was really, really, really good! I am shocked that not only are they nice, cute, but they're talented.

DANNY: Hey, I wondered something though. Cos you guys are kind of like, all harmonies, so this is going to sound like a joke, but a real question: did you have to change the harmonies when your voice changed? Cos you're a kid.

TAYLOR: Well it's more than just Zac.

ZAC: Because of that you can develop certain parts of your voice.

TAYLOR: It's called a rubber band.

ZAC: Your pharyngeal larynx.

DANNY: My what?

ZAC: Your pharyngeal larynx.

JAMIE: Yeah, you can use that!

TAYLOR: That's what he picks up the girls with.

TAYLOR: It's really great for making out alone with singing. He's developed his skills.

ZAC: You just develop your voice in different ways to compensate.

JAMIE: I feel like the creepy old woman right now.


JAMIE: Like I'm, mmm, engorged.


ZAC: Engorged?

JAMIE: It's my clitoris.

JAMIE: How old are you?

ZAC: 17.

JAMIE: Well, he kind of might know where the clitoris is.

DANNY: It's in Jersey.

ZAC: And here we go down the spiral.

DANNY: You know what though? That sounds kind of romantic. I want to put the top down and go for a drive.

TAYLOR: Dude, that's what it's all about. It's all about rolling your windows down.

JAMIE: Jack, you want to put the top down in your Jetta?

DANNY: Can we have more Hanson when we come back?

JAMIE: Yes, your favorite song. If they don't mind.

DANNY: One of the top 100 Rock & Roll songs of the last 25 years according to VH1!

JAMIE: We'll see what we can do, yeah.

DANNY: Yeah! He's going to tighten up his larynx.

TAYLOR: Jamie's actually going to be singing with us, background.

DANNY: Come on, twist your larynx!

JAMIE: All right, when we come back, more with Hanson!


Hanson singing "MMMBop" in the background"

DANNY: Oh wait, wait, you guys are going to blow your spot!

JAMIE: Man, this is so funny you guys. We're in here with Hanson. By the way, the new album, Underneath, and the most important part of all, tonight. Tonight, tonight, tonight. There is a concert. It's for LIFEbeat, which is a good cause, at the Henry Ford Theater.

DANNY: Henry Fonda.

JAMIE: Fonda. Right. Fonda, ford, one of the Henry's, Theater, at 7pm. and here is the deal: tickets are still available at There's a bunch of different artists, Phantom Planet, and we hear allegedly, maybe The Thorns. Um, Hanson. Again, And if you put under password "HANSON," the keyword, then you get your tickets half price.

ISAAC: I have to say one thing, cos there are a few bands that I've really gotten in to, and one of the bands that I think everybody needs to know about is a guy named Bleu.

TAYLOR: Amazing artist.

ISAAC: Killer, killer songwriting, good song.

ZAC: ...for a good cause...

DANNY: What's up with Zac?

JAMIE: Zac is just this rebel, like he's just this rebel. You guys, by the way, if you're listening right now, just keep an eye on this kid cos he's gonna be in rehab.

DANNY: Dude, I'll save you a chair at meetings.

TAYLOR: Actually, I'm less worried about Zac--

ZAC: Who's to say I haven't already been in rehab?

ISAAC: ...because I think Zac might put me in rehab!

ZAC: I'll just end up in a hospital, he'll end up in rehab.

JAMIE: Just mental.

TAYLOR: Think of how many radio stations--radio shows we've done with Zac.

DANNY: Zac'll be standing there laughing and they'll all be at meetings with me, saying, "hi..."

ZAC: I met Zac in, you know, 2000.

ISAAC: Instead of alcoholics anonymous, it'll be Zac's Anonymous.

JAMIE: Tonight at the Henry Ford Theater again, it's at 7 o'clock.

DANNY: Right next to the Henry Fonda Theater.

JAMIE: God dangit. Put the keyword "HANSON" and you get the tickets half price. Again,

DANNY: Do you guys know what time you go on?

ZAC: I think it's about 8:30, but it starts at like, 7 I think.

JAMIE: The new album that they're going to be releasing this February is called Underneath and we heard a song called "Penny & Me" and it was awesome! Now I know that you guys are sick of singing "MMMBop," and I know your voice changed since then, so it's probably a little off...

ZAC: And I don't care.

TAYLOR: Don't worry, we have rubber bands available.

JAMIE: But this is why you guys are here, there is where it all... I mean, Danny said that "MMMBop" was like, your favorite song of all time.

DANNY: Randy Newman's "I love LA," and "MMMBop" could always make me feel better no matter what. Swear to God. Swear to God.

JAMIE: When he's at the lowest, when he's just at the bottom man, "MMMBop..."

DANNY: I was actually doing okay when "MMMBop" came out, I was suckin' when "I love LA" came out.

JAMIE: Well anyway, he was kind of sad one day and...

DANNY: And "MMMBop" came on and I blasted it out the stereo I felt so much better! You guys are my heroes!

JAMIE: It just changed his life.

DANNY: It did.

TAYLOR: Well now he's buff. We're like weight watchers, man.

ZAC: I heard Hanson and then I just got cut!

JAMIE: If you don't mind, cos Danny would like to sing along because he always sings that song.

TAYLOR: We'll just sing you guys the chorus.

JAMIE: Yeah, he's going to so sing with you.

DANNY: I might be able to show some restraint.


DANNY: WOW! I feel better already!

JAMIE: Aww, that is like therapy right there!

DANNY: It is like therapy for the ears.

JAMIE: I feel like your little heads are going to pop off.

ZAC: We are like little Barbie dolls and our faces--

ZAC: Zac, he's scaring me!

DANNY: First Gene Simmons and then Zac Hanson.

ISAAC: I think you're easily frightened or something, easily frazzled. Is she a fragile person?

DANNY: No, unibrow is a little scary!

JAMIE: OOohhh!

ZAC: It's okay, you know, you're going through a mid-life crisis, getting buff.

TAYLOR: Thank god for teenagers.

JAMIE: It's not that bad!

DANNY: It's not.

JAMIE: You'll grow into it. No, you can take a little off the middle. No, it's nice and bushy. I think it looks good.

DANNY: It works for you.

ZAC: You haven't seen bushy until you've been to France.

DANNY: Ladies and gentlemen, Hanson! New album.

TAYLOR: Underneath.

DANNY: Look for it in February.

JAMIE: Do you guys want to sing us out? Do you want to sing us anything out? I don't know what.

TAYLOR: We can do something...

JAMIE: Sing us out! Quick!

TAYLOR: We have to grab our guitars. No, we gotta go! We gotta grab our guitars, we're too slow.

JAMIE: You guys are kids! Come on!


ZAC: Woo hoo!

JAMIE: Ooh, we got a "woo hoo!" that's the next album, Woo Hoo


JAMIE: That was really good!

DANNY: Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, Hanson!