99.5 The River
Albany, New York
15 August 2003

TRED: … because we're here with Hanson! Of course, the only drawback is they're not really excited to see Hanson, so...

RANDI: Ooh, I know.

TRED: Which is kind of a bummer.

TAYLOR: But they came to see you!

ISAAC: Do you guys get a crowd like this every morning?

TRED: Oh absolutely. We have security-these security guys, these nice guys are here every single day.

ISAAC: Okay, just checking.

TAYLOR: That must be hard.

RANDI: And that Hummer limo that you came in on… ours.

TRED: That's ours.

TAYLOR: You know, we call in the pimp mobile. And you know…

TRED: So guys, welcome to town. And we were talking a little bit back in the conference room, we didn't have any idea-when they came to us and said, "hey, you guys want to have Hanson?" We thought, "hey, that might be kind of interesting, kinda see what happened to you guys, where you've been." And then, all the sudden, this whole whirlwind we've been caught up in with the e-mails and the phone calls and someone calling us this morning from Northern Lights at 5 to 6 and "there's already fifty people out here cos they want to be close!"

TAYLOR: Because they love you!

TRED: Ehh, no, I don't think it's us. The thing for us is this has only been a few days. You guys go through this all the time, I mean, how do you do it?

ZAC: Well, I don't think it's a curse. It's more of we've been lucky to have really devoted, great fans that want to come see shows and see what the band is doing.

TAYLOR: They just rock.

ZAC: They're awesome! We had a couple fans from Israel that flew in for the last show and we're like, "oh my gosh! You flew in from Israel!"

ISAAC: And the kicker was, they didn't have tickets. They flew in just hoping that somehow they would, you know, get some scalped tickets or something, I don't know.

TAYLOR: I think we're just lucky to have awesome fans and we're glad to be here.

TRED: Yeah, to see, we're kind of comparing it to The Beatles…

RANDI: None of The Beatles would come into this lobby.

TAYLOR: That would be cool. It's too bad half of them are not alive anymore.

ZAC: That would be… really freaky.

TAYLOR: it would be very cool if they were here.

TRED: Well, I hear Ringo's really easy to get these days. But that's another story for another time.

TAYLOR: Heeey! Oooh…

TRED: What? Hey, I know Ringo. Nothing against the guy! I'm just saying, these days you can get him. All right. So.

ISAAC: Digging yourself in a hole, buddy!

TRED: YEAH! So, anyway. Anyhow. We actually got an e-mail from someone in Mexico City asking about the show, and some guy from Hawaii wants us to send him pictures from the show.

ISAAC: Cool.

TRED: And it's just… yikes.

ZAC: "Yikes" is definitely the word.

ISAAC: Like Tay and Zac said, we're very lucky to have really excellent fans and really happy that we get the opportunity to go out and play these shows. It's been a really long time since we have been on the road and had a record out, so the opportunity is very, very fun. Yeah, we're happy to be here.

TRED: So now the new acoustic CD you can get online at, which is very cool.

ZAC: And at the shows if you show up. If you come to the shows you can get it, or on the website. And it's not in stores. Just there, on or…


ZAC: or at all of these lovely acoustic shows we'll be doing! And then the real record comes out in February.

TAYLOR: The third studio record shows up then.

TRED: And we hear that there's going to be a major tour in February!

ZAC: Yes, yes, that is in the works! We can't see anything, but we can't deny it either.

TRED: All right. Have you ever thought about being a politician after this is all over?

ZAC: I was going to join Arnold, and I would be vice president.

ISAAC: Cos he and Arnold… he's gonna get Arnold to be his trainer, not that he needs much more training.

TAYLOR: And Gary Coleman will be Secretary of Defense.

ISAAC: Yeah, Gary Coleman will go in there and kick some serious toosh.

TAYLOR: And Gene Simmons can be Head of ---

ZAC: I think I'm more frightened of Gary Coleman than Arnold.

TRED: I would be. I don't know about anybody else.

TAYLOR: He's tough, man.

TRED: All right, well here's what the people came for. They hear you guys play to see you and obviously take pictures and freak out and stuff.

RANDI: Oh good, it's for you!

TRED: it is for me, it really is. Thank you guys so much. Thanks to all of you.

TAYLOR: So come on, join us! You know your part, right?

RANDI: Actually, our sound guy would love to join you. He's got a bass; he's dying to bring it out.

TAYLOR: We need a bass player.

TRED: So, whenever you guys are ready, you can have a big hand for Hanson, everybody!


RANDI: 99.5 The River. Randi and Tred, Hanson in the lobby live. Wow, that was really nice. So are you guys happy? Oh my goodness, they're right here! (applause) And they waited all week long! It's really, really good to see you guys; it seems like it's been so long and coming to get you guys here and it's so nice, it's like, "wow! They're here!"

TRED: Absolutely! So again, they're going to be at Northern Lights tonight. The show is sold out, but if you like what you hear, is where you can pick up the CD, and also too, the new CD will be out in February. And maybe… no confirmations. Maybe, maybe not.

RANDI: That's a big maybe.

TRED: A tour sometime in February, so definitely stay tuned for that. We're gonna take a quick break and come back, Hanson has some other stuff for us so stay tuned. It's Randi and Tred, it's 99.5 The River.


TRED: …we're broadcasting live in our lobby, and you're saying, wait, why? It's almost four o'clock on a Friday! What are you still doing here? Well, it's cos we've got Hanson here!

ZAC: We're here, yeaah! Sorry! I'm not supposed to cheer for myself, am I?

TRED: That's all right.

ZAC: I'm just excited that I'm here.

RANDI: Are you really the one sending me all the e-mails?

ZAC: It's possible…

ISAAC: Zac has some Israeli e-mail accounts, it's weird.

TAYLOR: Some Hawaiian accounts.

ISAAC: I won't go into why…

RANDI: You gotta keep an eye on that boy, I think.

ISAAC: Yeah, yeah, well, he's escaping the authorities in Israel. It's crazy. But anyway!

TRED: Now you guys have, you know, it's been a while since I've seen you guys, you know, personally and stuff like that-you've definitely grown up. But I got a question. Somebody warned me, an old record friend. He said, "you got to keep an eye on the young one. He's a little mischievous. Have you grown out of that?

TRED: I've been known to be mischievous. I'm-I think I'm mischievous in a less obvious way now. So, it's more for me.

TAYLOR: You don't know what's coming.

RANDI: So you can talk to?

ISAAC: No, no.

ZAC: No, I just think it's more fun to tweak with people on the lighter side.

ISAAC: You know, Zac and I actually have a fairly similar sense of humor, it's just that Zac was always the physical one.

TAYLOR: You mean a sick one?

ISAAC: Yeah. Zac was always more physical; the problem was, now that Zac is enormous and does like, 150 push-ups a night…

ZAC: I hurt too many people.

ISAAC: He started throwing people around and I started being like, "Zac! Oh my God! Oww…"

RANDI: Brotherly love…

ISAAC: I remember in Germany we were doing-we decided to do an arm wrestle and Zac almost dislocated my shoulder, he threw my arm down so fast. So, we decided not to-

TAYLOR: You're not supposed to say that in front of all these women.

ISAAC: Well, it's okay. I have no problem. He's enormous. His arms are huge, so, you know. When Zac flexes it's like a solid-

RANDI: All right, you know you got to flex. Now you got to flex. No, come on, he's got to flex! Woo, flex! Flex! Flex!

TAYLOR: He's gonna flex his vocal chords.

TRED: Zac's, Zac's not going to do it.

TAYLOR: He's gonna flex his vocal chords.

TRED: They grew up so fast!

TAYLOR: You too. (laughs) Or… have you grown up yet?

TRED: I'm going down…

TAYLOR: You're not there yet! You were a lot more intelligent last time we met.

TRED: Yeah, it's been a while.

TAYLOR: You're just going slowly down…

RANDI: Yeah, you want them to sing now, Tred?

TRED: Yeah, I think the best thing you could do now is get to a song. It's Hanson; right here on 99.5 The River.


RANDI: That's Hanson. Live in the lobby on 99.5 The River.

TRED: You know ma, the boys have growed up good.

RANDI: Careful. Watch yourself! You'll make them mad.

TRED: Hanson joining us live here in our lobby. It's 99.5 The River, your River morning crew. Randi and Tred here. And now we were told that you know, if things are going well you might be able to be coaxed into another song. But it really depends on you guys [the crowd.]

RANDI: Yeah, I don't know…

TRED: You got to give them a little something…

ISAAC: He was trying to hint he needs some volume.

RANDI: Do you want to hear them play another song? (crowd cheers) There ya go! I think they're used to that.

ISAAC: Okay, I think… what would we be able to do?

TAYLOR: Well, we got to grab another guitar to play the third song we were going to play for you guys. Woo, we're gonna grab another-

ISAAC: So hang on while we…

RANDI: Question and answer time.

TAYLOR: And… stall!

ZAC: Three hours later… still tuning!

RANDI: I have a serious question for anybody wanting to answer it. Without music, if you could not be playing music today, what would you guys be doing?

TAYLOR: You should have been a journalist.

RANDI: No, I'm really serious, cos you guys have been-I mean, because you have been doing this for so long, I can't even begin to imagine.

TAYLOR: I mean, part of it is like asking if you were a different person sort of, that's sort of what the answer always is when somebody asks that question cos it's, it's like, what would you do if you didn't do music? I mean, there are a lot of creative outlets that we love. I mean, whether it's playing or talking about directive videos or producing other people's records.

RANDI: I would imagine it would be around entertainment.

TAYLOR: Things that are related to being an entertainer or making music. But it's really just part of who we are. We just get lucky enough that we actually have people that want to come and see a show. We just get to walk out on stage-

RANDI: You'd be surprised at how many people tell us, "nothing!"

TAYLOR: We just get to walk out on stage and have a good time.

RANDI: I'm a slacker and I like it!

ZAC: …do you want to do "Misery?"

TAYLOR: Yeah, do you guys want to hear the song "Misery" that Zac can sing?

RANDI: Oh yeah, I want to hear it.

TRED: Do you want to hear that song? (crowd cheers)

TAYLOR: See, they're considerate fans. They're like, "yes…"

ISAAC: Yes, of course. We would like to hear that please. Oh, excuse me sir! Do you have any Grey Poupon? Why yes, of course!

TAYLOR: Here we go.

ISAAC: Okay.

TAYLOR: All right well this is-these are all obviously new tunes, things that you guys can check out on the acoustic record or the record that will come out in the spring. This is a tune called "Misery." As we…

ISAAC: Hook in. here we go, plugging in. and, ready to go? Here we go.


ISAAC: They wait in suspense to know whether the song is over!

TAYLOR: That was a fake ending.

ISAAC: That was a pretend ending.

TRED: 99.5 The River, your River morning crew, Randi and Head-Randi and…

RANDI: Randi and Head!

TRED: Randi and… look at the size of my head!

RANDI: Look at the size of it! It's a melon!

ISAAC: kjasfkjasf asfjkjaskfajsf ajsfkjakfjaf!

RANDI: It's an orange and a toothpick! Okay, I'm sorry…

TRED: Hanson, live in our lobby.

ZAC: You call that a toothpick?

TAYLOR: Whoooa!

TRED: Whoa! See!

RANDI: All right, they're gonna throw it out, right now.

TRED: All right, here it comes!

ZAC: I'm ready for ya.

RANDI: We heard.

ZAC: Maybe next time we can have, like, a wrestling match.

TRED: All right!

ZAC: Instead of singing in the lobby, wrestling in the lobby!

TRED: We could sell tickets to that.

TAYLOR: Probably.

ZAC: We definitely have to have some folding chairs, to beat each other over the head with and stuff.

TRED: The problem is, if I won this would get ugly fast!

TRED: That's exactly why-

TRED: I'd have to throw it, is that what you're telling me?

RANDI: Hide behind a pack of girls.

TRED: I'd have to put a-

ISAAC: Hey man, that's the way it always goes, man. It's always the battle of the sexes and for some reason; the girls always win it. I don't know why that is.

TRED: That's a smart guy.

ISAAC: Basically what happens is, if it's couples, the guys go, "you know, is it really worth sleeping on the couch?"

TAYLOR: No it's not, bad call.

TRED: Well, Hanson's going to be at Northern Lights tonight, and actually if you turn your ear towards the door a little bit right now… girls up at Northern Lights, did you enjoy that set? I can hear them screaming all the way from here, cos they've been there all morning long and looking forward to the show tonight and I know everybody here is looking forward to the show tonight.

TAYLOR: Yes, definitely.

TRED: You can, again, get their CD right now at and it's going to be out in February, and maybe, maybe now, a major tour in February also. And I want to thank you guys for coming in today.

TAYLOR: Thanks for having us.

ISAAC: Glad to be here.

TRED: It was a lot of fun.

TRED: And thanks to these guys.

TRED: And hopefully we'll see you guys down the road when you're back hopefully in the spring-maybe!

ZAC: Maybe, maybe not. We're not denying it, but we're not confirming it. We're just… letting it float out there.

TAYLOR: We'll have our people call you.

TRED: All right, one more big hand for Hanson, everybody.