The Today Show
15 December 2003

AL ROKER: We've got some elves with us here. They're all grown up now. Guys, turn around so they can see. This is, remember Hanson? Hanson, ladies and gentlemen! Isaac, Zac, and Taylor! And you guys have a new CD out?

TAYLOR: It comes out in the spring, we're just spending a lot of time in New York. Thought we'd do something.

AL ROKER: Well that's awfully nice, helping us collecting our toys.

TAYLOR: Absolutely.

AL ROKER: And you've got a world tour coming up?

TAYLOR: Yep. The world tour is coming up. We just finished the show at Carnegie Hall a few weeks ago.

ISAAC: We played an acoustic tour all around the country and we released an acoustic EP on our website,, so you know, just a lot of stuff.

AL ROKER: So you're just... what are you doing for the holidays?

TAYLOR: Spend some time at home?

ZAC: Just going back to Oklahoma where we're from and just family and food and good stuff.

AL ROKER: I have a 16 year old daughter, she had your first CD, you guys are all grown up now. How does it feel?

TAYLOR: Freezing?

AL ROKER: Well warm yourself up by collecting some more toys! MMMBop!