VH1: Celebrity Weddings

HOST: At 19 years old, Taylor Hanson, middle brother of the multi-platinum selling pop group Hanson, married 18-year-old Natalie Anne Bryant.

TAYLOR: I just got on one knee and said... you know, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? And, well, needless to say, she didn't say "No."

HOST: Taylor and Natalie wasted no time in planning their big day.

NATALIE: I had a particular chapel in Georgia where Iím from that Iíd always wanted to be married in, so as soon as he asked me, I was calling my mom and saying, "Mom, make sure you can book the chapel."

TAYLOR: It was absolutely beautiful. Itís an amazing place.

NATALIE: My dress was the first dress I tried on. It was kind of a gothic style dress with long sleeves, kind of belled out. It was really beautiful.

HOST: On June 8, 2002, Taylor and Natalie assembled 80 of their nearest and dearest to witness their nuptials.

NATALIE: Iíve always wanted my wedding to be really intimate and really just have my close family and friends there that were there to be the support team for us.

HOST: It was all about family, his brothers were the groomsmen. Their friends were surrounding them as they walked down the aisle.

NATALIE: When I saw Taylor standing there I just thought, "Wow, you know, he's the one and here I am and this is how I always wanted it."

TAYLOR: When I saw her walking down the aisle, "perfect" is the only word I could really think of because that's what it really felt like. She just looked so beautiful. I am NOT a crier, and my eyes started welling up and it was overwhelming.

HOST: The couple may be young, but for the service they chose to be old fashioned.

TAYLOR: It was a very traditional ceremony.

NATALIE: There's something really special and sacred about saying those same vows that people have used over the years to express their love to each other.

TAYLOR: When we kissed, I was ready for it. It had all been building up and then... release. You know, and then walking down that aisle, it was sort of like taking those first steps, it was sort of like "Okay, we're starting something new."

HOST: Just four months after they kissed and said, "I do," the couple welcomed their first child.

TAYLOR: It's an amazing thing to have Ezra. Yeah... he's just phenomenal. Heís like... he's like your best friend. Itís amazing. Heís the best thing we have in common.