Wild 100.3
Dallas, Texas
15 September 2003

FITZ: We have very special visitors in the studio! Ladies and gentlemen, very excited, proud, and privileged to present Hanson! Ladies and gentlemen! Guys, you know what? Guys, you know what? You will not believe the people that have been waiting here for you this morning.

TAYLOR: I see it in Milwaukee, we came from Milwaukee and…

FITZ: Hang on, let's go outside and talk to them. We brought our very own Nibblet. His name is Nibblet, by the way fellas. We have Isaac, Zac, and Taylor, is that right?


MALE FAN: I'd like to thank Hanson for letting me make new friends. Hanson = the friendship makers.

ZAC: We considered being a band, but we decided we'd rather be a dating hotline.

MALE FAN: It worked out well.

FITZ: 1-900-HOTHANSON. All right now Nibblet, it's really loud out there so keep it calm if you can, but do we have any questions from some people out there really quickly?

NIBBLET: Absolutely. We have a question right here.

FITZ: Okay.

FEMALE FAN: Hey, I was just wondering, what's been your most interesting road story on this tour?

ISAAC: Most interesting road story… oh man…

TAYLOR: That's when we're like, come on, somebody…

ZAC: On the bus with the midgets?

FITZ: The bus with the midgets?

ISAAC: No, Zac is thinking about when he was watching Zoolander. He forgot about that…

TAYLOR: Most interesting story on the bus… I think probably the most interesting stories come from a little bit too much gas after some bad burritos, you know.

FITZ: What the hell are you saying to us?! What is that all about? Wait a second; all the ladies are leaving the studio right now! Stay, I swear, they don't really have gas!

ZAC: You know you can't go #2 on the bus? [groans]

FITZ: What do you do about that, by the way?

ZAC: I must admit, they don't actually know this, but I actually went #2.

FITZ: You know, I never expected a Hanson conversation to go here.

KRISTIN: This is bad!

ZAC: I had to scoop it out! [groans & screams]


FITZ: You'd think that you'd have people to do that for you! You know what I mean?

STEVEN: Did you use your hand?

[screams & groans]

STEVEN: I thought you said you used your hand, that's gross!

TAYLOR: I was going to go somewhere else, I shouldn't have gone for the male humor thing.

FITZ: Yeah, don't appreciate that. Way to go.

TAYLOR: The joke's over the edge.

ISAAC: By the way, notice the cha-cha salsa music stopped.

FITZ: Oh, it's back now! It's never going anywhere, baby!

TAYLOR: Potty humor now.

ZAC: It's always there, deep inside.

TAYLOR: I just triggered the burrito talk earlier, sorry.

FITZ: Well let me ask you this, you guys got the big bus. How much does one of those big tour busses cost?

TAYLOR: You know what, they're really pretty expensive… they can get up to like, $750,(000)

FITZ: Really? You guys have it supped up though?

ISAAC: We don't buy it.

TAYLOR: You just rent them. For like, Willie Nelson and people, they live in their busses. But we just, if you go out on tour you rent them, so.

FITZ: Willie Nelson smokes it up in his bus.

ZAC: He's got to own his own bus cos he has that secret compartment for-

ISAAC: Exactly.

TAYLOR: His entire bus is a secret compartment.

FITZ: He's probably got it hidden in his tires or something like that.

STEVEN: Oh, I need to get that bus! I love it!

FITZ: Alright, so what's been going-where did you guys come from right now?

TAYLOR: Well, we're on this acoustic tour right now, which is really amazing.

FITZ: Right, we know that.

TAYLOR: We just came from…

ZAC: Salt Lake City.

TAYLOR: The longest drive of the tour. Huge drive.

FITZ: Up with the Mormons. Mormon woman up there in Salt Lake, huh?

TAYLOR: Yes, yes.

FITZ: And how's that going for ya?

TAYLOR: Zac's moving to the mountains so he can have civilized-- [jumbled talk]

FITZ: No, we don't want to start talking about #2 again buddy!

TAYLOR: But no, it's been amazing. It's been amazing to see these fans, just to see just how our fans have kind of grown up and changed with us and they're already singing the new tunes and the acoustic record is the only thing that they can even get.

FITZ: And what I understand, is to no matter where you guys go, it's like selling out wherever you guys go and are going and doing this acoustic thing. People are loving it.

TAYLOR: It's been awesome. This is sort of-you know, we try to introduce it to people like they go, "is the record acoustic?" This is like a thank you to our fans.

FITZ: Wow.

TAYLOR: I mean, it's fun for us to do. It's the first thing we're doing with the new music.

ISAAC: We've got an album coming out in February and this is kind of like the beginnings of talking about the new music and really getting them exposed to a lot of it.

TAYLOR: And this is kind of-I guess we're going to try to play something in just a minute-

FITZ: We're waiting on the gee-tars.

TAYLOR: They haven't arrived yet!

ZAC: The ukuleles and the fiddles.

FITZ: Hanson is here without the gee-tars.

STEVEN: I want to ask you guys a question. You're talking about Underneath, right?

TAYLOR: Yes, yes.

STEVEN: And you've worked with a lot of people; you collaborated with Matthew Sweet, Carole King, Gregg Alexander, Ed Robertson, Michelle Branch. Now, Carole King-I'm a big fan of hers. I'm a little older than everybody. How did you like working with her, and did she write a song for you?

TAYLOR: Well, she didn't write a song for us, we wrote a couple songs with her. She's amazing. I mean obviously. She's a legend.

STEVEN: She is. Her daughter's singing now.

TAYLOR: Actually, Louise is married to a guy we produced a bunch of the songs with too.

ISAAC: A producer friend of ours. A big old family.

FITZ: Like The Osmonds up in Salt Lake City.

TAYLOR: Yeah, exactly. Just like The Osmonds.

ZAC: … only not!

TAYLOR: We did most of this record on our own but also collaborated with you know, people like…

ISAAC: Danny Kortchmar.

TAYLOR: Danny Kortchmar, a great producer, who also produced a lot of Carole King in the past.

FITZ: And most notably too nominated for album of the year for River Of Dreams.

FITZ: "in the middle of the night…"

TAYLOR: Yep. Matthew Sweet we actually wrote the title track of the record with.

STEVEN: You did?

FITZ: Oh my god, hang on.

TAYLOR: But you know, that was just kind of the whole idea with this, was to work with people we were fascinated by. I mean, Carole King, she is a legend.

STEVEN: She is!

TAYLOR: And she's a wonderful person.

STEVEN: Of course, Tapestry was on the charts for what, 14 years or something? Many years?

TAYLOR: It's one of the biggest selling albums.

STEVEN: And still to this day, for you to work with her, I think that's great.

TAYLOR: She's a great songwriter.

FITZ: How often do you guys get to check out and listen to Top 40 radio? Are you always listening to the radio? You guys don't have a lot of time to really listen to the radio…

ISAAC: You listen to it in every city that you go to. I mean, most of the time you're definitely busy getting ready for the shows but we try to check it out.

FITZ: Who are you really enjoying right now in the music world? Someone told me you like the 50 Cent?

TAYLOR: Yeah, love 50 Cent. [laughs]

ZAC: I'm really more into the 75 Cent!

ISAAC: The dollar bill! All about the George Washington.

FITZ: Who do you like right now on the radio?

TAYLOR: A lot of the stuff that we love-

ZAC: Isn't necessarily on the radio.

TAYLOR: This band Maroon 5, I don't know if you-

FITZ: Oh sure! Yeah!

TAYLOR: Good friends of ours.

FITZ: "Harder To Breathe"

TAYLOR: They're amazing and…

ISAAC: Good friends of ours.

FITZ: You heard of Bowling For Soup?

TAYLOR: I have not, no.

FITZ: Yeah, Bowling For soup, they're right out of Texas.

KRISTIN: If you like Adam Levine.

ISAAC: Oh, you like Adam Levine? You like Adam?

KRISTIN: Yes, I like Adam!

ISAAC: He's a nice guy. I'll tell him you said so.

TAYLOR: Black Eyed Peas, love those guys.

FITZ: Where's the love? Oh man, wasn't that huge?

ZAC: It's right here.

TAYLOR: "where is the love?"

FITZ: You're grabbing your nipples whenever you just said that, buddy.

ZAC: I was trying to demonstrate, that was where the love was. My nipples.

FITZ: It must be really painful. Nibblet is out there squeezing his nipples, as well. Nibblet, what's going on, buddy?

NIBBLET: I've got a couple listeners that actually want to squeeze Hanson's nipples. But I'm not sure if that's… [screams from girls outside] sorry guys, we got a question out here.

FEMALE FAN: Yeah, I was just wondering like, where do ya'll usually shop? Cos yeah, ya'll have very interesting styles.

ISAAC: Where do we shop?

FITZ: Good question, good question.

TAYLOR: We shop at um... at interesting styles places.

ZAC: Outlets.

TAYLOR: Outlets.

FITZ: You know, it's funny.

ISAAC: interesting style… outlet…

FITZ: Now I always get you guys confused. Let me see if I can get this right. You're Zac.

TAYLOR: No. Taylor. Taylor, Isaac, Zac.

FITZ: Taylor, Isaac, and Zac. [laughs] Taylor, you cut the long hair. You still got the long hair going on.

KRISTIN: You have very good volume, by the way. Taylor's got some volume going on.

FITZ: He must use the Pert Plus!

TAYLOR: Lots of volume…

KRISTIN: Good highlights…

FITZ: Yes, get some Herbal Essences in that thing.

TAYLOR: Yes, Pert Plus for the volume.

FITZ: And then Isaac, and of course Zac.

ZAC: Zac, yes. I'm here.

FITZ: Now Isaac and Zac have the short hair, you guys have the short hair, right?

ISAAC: The shorter hair now, yes.

FITZ: Do you guys ever like fight?

ZAC: You have the shorter hair!

FITZ: That's a nice little segway there.

ISAAC: That was like, whoa. Transitional phase. Actually, when Zac almost ripped my arm off in an arm wrestling contest, I decided I would never try to pick a fight with him. He's a strong one. He just threw my arm down so fast I thought my arm wasn't there anymore, it was painful.

FITZ: Now remember the video, "where is the love" and you guys ride motorcycles? Do you guys like really do that on your off time, ride motorcycles?

TAYLOR: You're combing two different things, but yes.

FITZ: Oh, whatever. Which one is the motorcycle video?

TAYLOR: The motorcycle is from the last record. Yeah, that was a song called "If Only."

FITZ: What is the video that was on Total Request Live and it all went popular?

TAYLOR: Yeah, that was "If Only."

FITZ: Oh, "If Only." How'd that one go?

ALL: start signing the chorus to "If Only."

FITZ: Oh yeah, that one!

TAYLOR: So we actually do ride motorcycles, yeah. Definitely. Dirt bikes.

FITZ: Now I don't know if you guys remember, but I used to work at a station in Oklahoma City.


FITZ: And you guys performed in this parking lot. And I took off my shirt and had you guys sign my boobies. You probably don't remember that kind of stuff… hey, you're the one-Zac said his happiness is in his nipples! Okay, we're going to play a song real quickly and be back with Hanson! Live on Wild 100.3 with the Fitz in the Morning and some more questions from the studio audience and all kinds of stuff. You guys ready to sing some songs in a second

ISAAC: Yeah, we will be ready.

FITZ: We're going to play one of your favorite songs, Maroon 5. It's called "Harder To Breathe," you like that?

ISAAC: Oh yes.


FITZ: We have Hanson in the studio, they're doing their big acoustic tour, tonight they're going to be at Trees, is that right fellas?

ISAAC: That's right [Zac starts beat-boxing to background music]

FITZ: Trees tonight and then they're going to Austin tomorrow. What the heck are you doing, buddy?

ZAC: Scratching.

ISAAC: He's scratching to the beat box over there.

FITZ: Does he scratch every now and then? Isaac, Taylor, and Zac in the studio.

ZAC: Yes.

FITZ: You have many people waiting outside for you. Nibblet, are you there buddy?

NIBBLET: You gotta pick up the phone. Yeah, I'm here!

FITZ: The Fitz in studio audience, they're waiting outside. A lot of questions for Hanson this morning, what's going on Nibblet?

NIBBLET: I don't know, I was admiring this girl's Hanson tattoo.

TAYLOR: Let's see it.

NIBBLET: Oh, they want to see it. put it up in the window.

TAYLOR: Where's the tat?

FITZ: Wow! Have you guys ever seen a fan want to get a tattoo of you?

ISAAC: Yes, we have.

TAYLOR: That's not the first.

FITZ: Get them to make some noise!

NIBBLET: Make some noise! [girls scream]

FITZ: You guys want to see my tattoo? Let me unzip… hang on [groans]

ZAC: That's what you told her, right?

FITZ: Exactly!

KRISTIN: I just want to say that Zac and I are wearing the same shoes. I feel cool.

FITZ: You got the same shoes on?

KRISTIN: He has good style.

FITZ: Kristin and Zac.

ZAC: I love these shoes, they're like socks with a sole.

KRISTIN: Exactly.

ZAC: I guess they're running shoes.

KRISTIN: I don't know what they are.

ZAC: Do you run?

FITZ: I think these guys are… [guitar playing in background]… oh do it again. Come on. [Zac starts beat-boxing again]. Isaac is jamming. Isaac unplugged, everyone. Do a little freestyle, let's hear it. Do a little freestyle to Fitz In the Morning; we're going to make you guy's rappers. F-I-T with a Z. Hanson in the studio!

ZAC: I like to do a little Puff Daddy.

FITZ: You do?

ZAC: Here we go. Uh-uh-uh-uh [random interjections]

TAYLOR: I'm going to do a Puff Daddy impression because I can't rap so neither can he.

FITZ: Well if you do a Puff Daddy song, just play somebody else's song. And do this in the middle: "and you can't stop! No, no. And you won't stop!"

TAYLOR: You know his stuff well, I can tell.

FITZ: Oh that's what I do, buddy. Believe me. Are you guys ready? You came in from Salt Lake City?

TAYLOR: Yes, we came in from Salt Lake City. Long haul.

ZAC: … our day was yesterday and it was spent driving.

FITZ: So you took Sunday off, good for you.

ZAC: It was like, 26 hours of driving.

FITZ: But you had the big bus, what are you worried about?

ZAC: Yeah, but it was 26 hours of driving.

FITZ: Ah, gotcha.

ZAC: I'm trying to get the point across that our day off was spent in a car!

FITZ: But your brother was talking about the weather in Salt Lake City.

TAYLOR: Oh yeah, it's getting kind of cold there. Like, what happened to summer?

FITZ: The weather was kind of cold?

TAYLOR: We're from Oklahoma, so…

FITZ: You're from Tulsa, right?

TAYLOR: Yeah, Tulsa.

FITZ: You guys still live in Tulsa?

TAYLOR: We do, yeah. Family.

FITZ: Love Tulsa.

ZAC: Tulsa is the shiznit.

FITZ: What's that station in Tulsa, K Hits? You know what I'm talking about? All right, so is this warm to you, coming down?

TAYLOR: It's nice because it's a little more humid. Like it's so dry on the west coast.

ZAC: As a vocalist, in the desert and the mountains [silly voice], it's all dry and your vocal cords get all dried up.

FITZ: Somebody gave this guy too many Red Bulls, ladies and gentlemen.

ZAC: You come down to Texas, the country of Texas…

FITZ: Sure, the country.

ZAC: And it's just nice to have humid weather.

FITZ: You guys down with Cowboy fans? Cowboy Monday night football tonight, by the way.

ISAAC: Well, we're Sooner fans, I hate to break it to you.

FITZ: Boomer!

TAYLOR: We're going to get shot here in this studio.

FITZ: I just said boomer… [jumbled voices]

TAYLOR: Is that where you're from?

FITZ: You know, I worked there for a year and a half actually, though.

TAYLOR: Where are you actually from originally?

FITZ: Wichita Falls, Texas, baby!

ZAC: Who do you go for when Oklahoma plays Texas?

FITZ: You know what? I have to say, I'm a Texas guy. Let me tell you guys something really quickly. No listen. What is the the greatest thing to come out of Oklahoma?

ZAC: I don't want to know.

FITZ: I-35 south! [cheers] Oh, what's up Oklahoma!

ZAC: You know the greatest thing to come out of Texas?

FITZ: What's that?

ZAC: Nothing!

FITZ: What about this one? Hang on. Do you know why Texas doesn't follow the Gulf of Mexico? Cos Oklahoma sucks! [cheers & laughs] What's up fellas?!

TAYLOR: Oh man.

FITZ: Give me some verbal judo!

TAYLOR: I wish we had some good…

ZAC: We just don't even acknowledge that Texas exists.

ISAAC: We don't even know about making up jokes cos we kick your ass in football! [jumbled voices]

FITZ: Steroids help football teams, usually. You know what I mean?

ISAAC: Okay, never mind.

FITZ: Let's just sing some songs before we continue the Texas/Oklahoma battle.

ZAC: Oh you're going down!

FITZ: All right, Hanson, live in the studio, 9:53 with the Fitz in the Morning and Wild 100.3 and what are you guys going to sing for us?

TAYLOR: This is a Puff Daddy cover, it's called "Penny & Me." [laughs]

ISAAC: It's called "Penny & Me."

TAYLOR: Yeah, this is a song called "Penny & Me."

ISAAC: This is Hanson with "In Da Club."


ALL: [loud cheers]

FITZ: Oh my God, they love it! Hanson is so hot!

KRISTIN: All the girls were singing that song out there, they all knew the words.

FITZ: 100.3, the new music leader, with the Fitz in the morning. Give it up for the Hanson's, ladies and gentlemen. Check out their website too. It's

TAYLOR: Actually is the site, actually.

FITZ: Oh. Sorry. I screwed that up.

ISAAC: is also the other address that you can type in too.

FITZ: It all goes to the same thing?

ISAAC: or is the same thing.

TAYLOR: You're plugging the site, you're the man.

FITZ: Yeah, I'm plugging your brand new acoustic CD as well, where can we get it?

TAYLOR: It is acoustic. You can get it at or at these shows. It's sort of the first thing people can get and the new record comes out in the spring. It'll be in stores everywhere.

FITZ: Give it up for Hanson, ladies and gentlemen.

ISAAC: Yeah, and if anybody wants to come on down to Trees tonight it'll be a good old show.

FITZ: Real quick, we have a special request from my producer.

TAYLOR: Oh yeah?

FITZ: You guys gotta play some "MMMBop." Seriously.

TAYLOR: We can sing a little bit of "MMMBop."

FITZ: We can do a little "MMMBop" real quick?

TAYLOR: Yeah, yeah.

ISAAC: We can get a little chorus.

FITZ: Will you hang out for Steven's Diaries as well? Big Gay Steven?

TAYLOR: I'm not sure I want to know about Big Gay Steven's Diaries.

KRISTIN: They didn't say anything! That's the first time they've been speechless all morning!

TAYLOR: All I heard is nipples and nipples… okay you know, we'll see what happens.

FITZ: "MMMBop" unplugged on Wild 100.


FITZ: Yeeeeahhh! I didn't know this, but you guys and I have been looking for that word a long time in the dictionary: buh dip ba dop!

ZAC: Ba du ba dop!

KRISTIN: It's a multi-purpose word!

ZAC: Don't make me ba du ba dop up on you!

ISAAC: I will ba du ba dop up on your ass!

ISAAC & ZAC: [incoherent ramblings]

ZAC: That's sort of like the way I speak Ebonics or Snoop Dogg language. For shizzle my nizzle!

TAYLOR: This is artistic liberty, man. You can invent words.

FITZ: Artistic liberty?

TAYLOR: You can do whatever you want.

FITZ: Is your dad with you guys today? Usually your dad hangs out with you, right?

TAYLOR: When we first started out, obviously, Zac was 11.

FITZ: You kicked your dad to the curb?! You did not! Did you pull like a Leann Rimes and say, "Pop! Hit the road, jack!"?

ISAAC: [begins singing "Hit The Road Jack" and everyone else chimes in]

ISAAC: No, it's not like that.

TAYLOR: Notice you don't sing in the same key with me, man.

ISAAC: No, we got really supportive folks, I mean, we couldn't have been doing this if…

TAYLOR: They're still into what we do, it's just that they don't all travel with us like they used to.

FITZ: Sweet. Are they still worried about you? Do they call you and say, "Listen, little Zac?"

ZAC: Do yours still call you?

FITZ: Oh sure they do, my mom…

KRISTIN: But they have a reason to worry about you!

FITZ: I just turned 25 years old, my mother still calls me every single night, I swear.

TAYLOR: Dude, it's so amazing. You're fifty and you still have a mom. Like, no matter what, you always have a mom.

ZAC: Well, she's your wife.

TAYLOR: Your wife becomes your mom.

FITZ: Of course in Oklahoma they do actually marry their mothers sometimes. [laughs]

ISAAC: No, buddy, that's Arkansas.

FITZ: Don't press your luck!

ISAAC: It's going to be a real slaughter when Oklahoma comes to town.

TAYLOR: You know you're from Texas when you go to a family reunion and you find a wife…

FITZ: Oooh, easy, easy buddy. All right, so you guys are going to Austin. We're going to-you're going to be at Trees tonight, Trees tonight in Dallas, check them out.

TAYLOR: It'll be a great show.

ISAAC: And La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas. It'll be crazy, man! [sexy Spanish accent]

TAYLOR: It's gonna be fun.

ISAAC: It's gonna be YAH! YAH! YAH!

TAYLOR: A little Puff Daddy, a little burrito…

FITZ: Look for the big Hanson cruiser down there. The big Hanson bus. Well, we're going to do Steven's Diaries, you want to stick around for it?

TAYLOR: Sure… let's check it out.

FITZ: We're going to take a break and we'll be right back. Hanson's in the studio, the people outside-tell them to make some noise! Back in a couple of seconds with Hanson! With the Fitz in the Morning!


FITZ: In the studio with us, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. And we're going to have… it's Taylor, you're Taylor.

TAYLOR: Yeah, uh, this is going to be legendary.

FITZ: Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor is going to read Steven's Diary today, from Hanson. Taylor from Hanson reading Steven's Diaries.


FITZ: Here we go.

TAYLOR: Dear Diary. Sunday night is upon us and here we sit: me, you, and Nina. I am so glad we had a little wine last night. It's just like the last supper here: candle lights and crackers, spread out on the coffee tables. We're drinking some leftover wine. I didn't realize how terrible wine gets when you leave it upon, forget about it for weeks. Oh my goodness, I think it was rancid. Oh well! My daughter and I choked down a glass or two and soon we decided to break out the NyQuil. Oh man, it wasn't long before we were crying in our NyQuil and singing sad songs. I was so tired; I worked Saturday and Sunday at Hair Solutions and went into Gap Saturday for an interview but it didn't happen. Damn. Saturday, while I was filling out an application, I talked to one of the store managers, then to Hans, that cute little… never mind.

STEVEN: German! The cute little German!

ISAAC: Cute little German.

TAYLOR: I'm just going to stop there… oh well… Hans can't help that he's straight. The poor thing!

STEVEN: You know it's unnatural!

TAYLOR: While I was there this guy started screaming, "say it isn't true!" We all started looking around; the customers was like… talking about me, sorry. Oh my goodness, we started talking and laughing and it wasn't long before we were off to JR's for a drink. I had a couple of those lemonade drinks; they were SO good. Oh my god. I had to get home, though. The bartender was giving me drinks and when his shift ended, so did my good time! Well, Diary, the wine is gone, I have to carry my daughter Nina to bed, she's passed out. I am woozy from all the alcohol and I'm going to bed. Dear Diary, I love you. Steven J. Champlain.

ISAAC: You forgot to add, "this is so cute!"

TAYLOR: Oh god, that went on forever!

FITZ: Give it up for Taylor! Taylor Hanson and he had Isaac and Zac in the studio. Hanson, thanks for joining us today!

ISAAC: Hey, thanks.

FITZ: Check them out tonight at Trees, you guys are awesome. And maybe check out the show tonight or something.

TAYLOR: You guys should come check it out, it's going to a fun time, we'll be rocking.

KRISTIN: And all the girls hate me right now cos Taylor let me wear his scarf.

FITZ: Oh, she's got the scarf!

KRISTIN: It's very nice, I might keep it.

TAYLOR: It's very soft.

FITZ: What is it Champlain?

STEVEN: Let's do this: the next five people who call get a copy of the new CD and they get a pair of tickets to go to the show tonight at Trees.

FITZ: Let's do that! 214-7287. 100.3. and we'll be back tomorrow; got a great show tomorrow. Battle of the sexes, it's gonna be good. and we're gonna do our little goodbye song, okay guys?

TAYLOR: The goodbye song.

ZAC: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!

TAYLOR: I'm so sad about goodbyes.

FITZ: I'm the Fitz!

STEVEN: I'm Steven.

KRISTIN: I'm Kristin!

ZAC: And we're Hanson!

ISAAC: Yes we are!

FITZ: Think big cos you think it anyway! And who's better than you?


All sing the exit song, Hanson begins singing along ["remix!"] and Zac begins to beat-box.

FITZ: See you tomorrow! We love you Hanson!

TAYLOR: Thanks guys!

FITZ: Check them out tonight at Trees.