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January 11

Hanson appeared on Sabrina The Teenage Witch (previously taped). In the episode, Isaac played the ex-boyfriend of Roxie (Soleil Moon Frye), and Hanson surprised her with a performance of "Hey" at a soup kitchen where she does volunteer work.

January 25

Zac saw the movie Orange County. He thought it was really funny and saw it because he needed to numb his brain.

January 26

Taylor updated the Hanson Hotline:

"Hey everybody, this is Taylor and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well, sorry we haven't changed the Hotline in a while. You guys have been calling and we haven't changed it. We are still making this record and it is going really well. And hopefully we're going to be done in the next couple months and out there playing shows for you guys. Hope everybody is enjoying the website. We just started putting some music clips up on Hanson.net so you guys can hear some new music and video clips going up. Hope everybody is doing great. Keep in touch and we'll talk to you soon. Bye."

February 08

Isaac and Taylor attended a Michelle Branch concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California.

February 26

Hanson attended Outkast's pre-Grammy party at Las Palmas restaurant in Hollywood, California.

February 28

Hanson attended the Universal Music Group post-Grammy party in Santa Monica, California. Universal Music Group consists of Hanson's record label, Island/Def Jam.

March 02

Taylor bought the new Phantom Planet CD, The Guest, and recommends it to everyone.

March 02

Zac and Taylor attended the Phantom Planet concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California.

March 14


March 19

Hanson attended Bonnie Raittís induction onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California and met her afterwards. Bonnie's star is located at 1750 North Vine Street.

March 31

Happy second anniversary Hanson.net!

April 04

Taylor and Zac attended the John Mayer concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California.

April 14

Isaac attended the MTV Icon: Aerosmith show at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. He hung out with Michelle Branch and Liv Tyler.

April 24

Hanson fan Jen (hanlopedia) of Hansonfanhigh.com, won the points contest over at Hanson.net and received a phone call from Hanson from Los Angeles, California.

April 26

Frank McKlusky, CI was released in ten Florida cities. The movie includes a cameo by Hanson performing a new song, "Get Up & Go."

April 27

Isaac went to a record store in Los Angeles, California on their day off and bought Huey Lewis & The News' Greatest Hits, Bonnie Raitt's Silver Lining, and Ben Kweller's Sha Sha.

May 06



May 07

Isaac updated the Hanson Hotline:

"Hi, hello everybody, this is Isaac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well, sorry we haven't changed the message in a while, but we were caught in a typhoon. We were swept into the center of the Atlantic Ocean and, ya know, we couldn't get back. You know, we actually we're in the Pacific Ocean... well,whatever. That didn't actually happen, but anyway we've been working on the record. Obviously. Weíve been trying to make this record and get it done for you so that it will come out. You know, all those lovely things. Also, by the way, we would like to say happy anniversary to Hanson net. Itís been two years now for the internet fan club, so congratulations to all of you and thank you very much for being Hanson fans all you guys. Thanks for calling the Hanson Hotline, we will try and keep you updated. Weíre just still in the studio working away, so thanks very much. Weíll talk to you later."

May 11

Taylor and Zac saw the movie Hollywood Ending in Los Angeles, California.

May 26

Isaac saw Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack of the Clones for the second time at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

May 31

Taylor and Isaac attended the Rooney concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California.

June 08

Taylor and girlfriend Natalie Bryant were married at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. David Garza provided the entertainment after the ceremony.

June 12

Isaac updated the Hanson Hotline!

"Hello, you have reached THE HANSON HOTLIIIINE. For all of you out there on the web you can find out information about Hanson net at www.Hanson.net. On the website, you will be able to find clips of video and audio and pictures. They will be consisting of the making of the new record. You will be able to find out information about the new record. And here is some of the information; some of the information is that the record has just been finished. It has been finally recorded and will soon be mixed. After this is mixed, we will go out on the road and then the record will be released. This is a very brief schedule of what we are going to be doing in the months to come. So, for all of you liking that kind of information please check the website, otherwise thank you very much for calling. Goodbye."

June 25

Isaac joined the band Admiral Twin on stage at Barkleys in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He performed "Ever Lonely," "MMMBop," and two new Hanson songs with the guys.

July 13

Isaac, Taylor, and Natalie attended the Tulsa Fanfest at Curly's in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Local performers included Nathan Brant, The Hero Factor, Upside, and Admiral Twin.

September 18

"Hello folks! Last Wednesday at Barkley's Uptown Dive we got together with some friends of ours and recorded backing vocals for a song that will be on our new album. Itís a melancholy, circus-like song called "The Fool's Brigade." The recording went off pretty much without a hitch. In fact, it was fantastic. Although we did have to borrow a couple of items at the last minute from our good friend Dave Lon, who happened to be on hand singing with us. The experience was great and a fun time was had by all. many thanks go out to everyone who sang along: Nathan Brant, Jennifer Chancellor, Thomas Conner, Michelle Davis, Mark Furnas, Ashley & Mindy Greyson, Danielle Gueck, Isaac, Taylor, & Zac Hanson, Rachel Kemp, Dave Lon, Brian Parton, Elvis & Angelene Ripley, Michael Soucek, Steven, Esther, and Maayan Stafford, Jeff "Swany" Swanson, Wanda Watson, and Jonny Wright. Thanks also to Zuri Louis and Michael Wyke for taking photos of the event." - courtesy of Admiral Twin.

October 03

Hanson was in Boston, Massachusetts mixing their new album, Underneath.

October 22

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY, ZAC! Zac and his brothers hung out in New York; he spent the day walking around Central Park chasing squirrels, having dinner at an Italian restaurant, visiting the Guggenheim Museum, and checking out a jazz club.

October 24

Mastering engineer George Marino finished mastering Hanson's third full-length album, Underneath, at Sterling Sound in New York. According to the website, "Mastering is the process of creatively enhancing and assembling the individual tracks of a recording project. Once complete, the music is transferred to the format required for its release medium and sent to manufacturing plants for duplication."

October 31

Taylor and Natalieís first child, Jordan "Ezra" Hanson, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Having Ezra is the best thing we've ever done. Life and art are all about these moments." - Taylor, MTV news

November 05

Isaac updated the Hanson Hotline!

"Hey all! This is Isaac, and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Wanted to update you guys on what's going on. Some of you have asked about the documentary. The documentary has reached one of its final stages. Itís reached the final rough-cut stage. Also, with regard to the record, the record is finally mixed. We spent some time outside of Boston in a studio mixing the record and we spent several weeks doing that and then we did the final mastering, which is basically putting the songs in order of which they are going to go on the CD and all those kind of things. All of that has been moved to final process. The documentary is not fully done yet cos itís kind of an ongoing documentary because the record has just now actually been officially completed. So, there is still filming of that stuff going on. Things are still happening. We will keep you posted as things move forward. Also, thanks to all you Hanson net members and everybody for sticking in with us. We look forward to keeping you updated on more info. Thanks for calling and we'll talk to you later."

November 17


November 24

photo © Hansonhotel.com Hanson was featured on a segment of VH1's Bubblegum Babylon (previously taped). { transcript }

December 20

Isaac attended friend Nathan Brant's Christmas concert at Nordaggio's in Tulsa, Oklahoma and performed "Run Rudolph Run" on stage with him.

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